I chose five songs with a short range: less than an octave. So if you're a beginner, or if you have vocal issues like a cold - which I had when I recorded below Youtube video - you don't have to worry about high or low notes. You can simply focus on the technique you want to practice.

Learn new vocal technique with an easy song

Easy songs are the best when you are learning a new skill. For example, if you are working on closing your vocal cords properly (which is later essential for belting), you want to take something super easy, where you don't have to focus on big jumps in the melody or super complicated riffs or high notes. Then you can focus on the skill you need, not on how hard the song is. 

Fantastic way to learn to sing in tune

If you have any issues with singing in tune - either on an occasional note here and there, or it's a core problem - here's what you do:

Go to my article on how to sing in tune, learn what you have to do to work on it, and when it comes to working on a song - definitely choose an easy song. Don't sing difficult songs in the beginning, just don't go there. Again, you are building a skill, in this case, singing in tune. So focus. 

The songs are:

  • Wind of change by The Scorpions: 7 note range
  • Hotel California by The Eagles: 7 notes
  • Michel by Anouk: 6 notes
  • Take my breath away by Berlin: 6 notes
  • I want love by Elton John: 5 notes

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Now that you have your song - how can you sing it better?

Well, you can probably use some vocal technique, and there's nothing like an easy song to practice new technique with. 

Where to start? I made a crash course for you called Learn from the Best that will show you the 9 techniques all good singers use. Do all of those things, and marvel at the results!

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