Team events

About the speaking voice and singing

Educational or for fun, for corporate teams or friend groups

Team event: Sing, Celebrate

Singing together is a great way to conclude a team event.

First, I'll show some basic techniques that might change the way you use your singing voice - for the better - and will give you more power and range. A few pointers that put you on the right track to more volume and natural timbre.

As a group, we'll sing two or three songs in harmony. It will really make you feel like a team.

Workshop: Speak Healthier, Speak Wealthier

What do professionals who speak a lot for work need to learn? Well, not getting hoarse during a long presentation or tense board meeting would be nice...

In this event I will show your team how to use the speaking voice in a healthy way, so that the instrument won’t fail them. How to reach the desired effect, for example to convince, to soothe, to exude charisma?

About your host

I'm Linor Oren, an Israeli-born opera singer by training.

I have toured and performed. These days, I focus on choir conducting and teaching voice.

Too many people hide their voices, think they're a 'little mouse'. Others have bad vocal habits that they don't know are relatively easy to solve.

Getting these mental and physical blockages out of the way, I see my students not just sing better than they thought possible, but also blossom as a person.