Affiliate disclosure

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Online courses refund

If you did my online courses Make singing click, SingWell on Stage and/or SingWell with yoga and are not satisfied, you can ask for a refund. I only ask you do this within 6 months and after actually trying my course in earnest.

Lesson payment: in advance

Please pay for lessons at booking, so in advance. Also, lesson packages should be paid in advance, either cash, online or by bank transfer (invoice).

Invoices: These are usually relevant if you are under the age of 21, where you don’t need to pay VAT, or if you qualify for the “regular lesson price”. I will create an invoice and send it to you via email. For the sake of the formal requirements of the invoice, I will ask you for your address.

Gift card

Payment for a gift card is in advance on this website, through either Paypal, Credit Card or other online payment system. The gift lesson(s) are valid for 6 months.

There is no refund for a gift card that has been purchased. If the person you buy it for is not interested in the lessons, you or they can forward the card to another recipient, who can take the lesson in their place.

Payment for The Merry Poppins

Membership for my choir The Merry Poppins is for a full season September – June. You can pay in two terms. By paying the first term, you commit to the second term. The membership fees I use for my own salary as arranger and conductor and the time and costs I put in promotion activities. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a refund if you decide to quit before the end of the season.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel a lesson, you must do so no less than 48 hours before the lesson’s scheduled time. In case of a later cancellation, the cost of the lesson will be charged in full.

In case of no-show on the student’s part, the lesson will also be charged in full.

As the teacher I may consider special circumstances and make an exception.

If I cancel a lesson less than 48 hours before its due time, I will reschedule the lesson for the next 5 days, or I will grant you 50% discount for the next lesson.

In case of my no-show, double booking or any other last minute cancellation, I will grant you a free lesson.

Punctuality in voice lessons

As a student, please arrive on time for the lesson, or slightly before it (no longer than 5 minutes before).

If you arrive after the scheduled time, the lesson will still be finished as scheduled, unless I can afford prolonging it.

If you are more than 15 minutes late and fail to contact and update the teacher, the lesson will be considered as a no-show. I do not guarantee waiting any longer and provide the lesson. The lesson will be charged in full, whether it has taken place or not.

If I, the teacher, am late for the lesson, you will receive your full hour of the lesson. When you need to leave on time, I will provide the left time for the lesson on another occasion.

You are kindly asked not to linger in the lesson and prolong it after its finish time, and respectfully make room for the next student or the teacher’s other activities. I may prolong the lesson, at my discretion.

Physical guidance in the lesson

Voice training is a both physical and mental activity. I will ask the student in the first lesson whether physical contact is allowed, for demonstration purposes. You can always indicate if said contact is uncomfortable or painful, and I will stop it immediately. If the indication is of pain, I may ask further questions to better understand the problem.

When given physical exercises to practice at home, you take responsibility for your well being when I’m not there. You must do these exercises with caution and not hurt yourself. When being unsure of an action, or when you begin to feel discomfort or pain, I advise you to stop said action and try something else and/or message me with questions.

Combination with other voice teachers

You have the right to go to more than one teacher. However, when going to other teachers for vocal technique, sports and body work, I ask you kindly to inform me.

I will continue working with you under most circumstances, unless the technique taught by other teachers significantly contradicts, and thereby undermines, my method.

Lesson packages

Any payment for a package should be made in advance. Failing to attend the lessons or complete the package before its expiration date will not grant you a refund. An exception will be made if failure to complete the package is due to my unavailability.

If I as a teacher can’t fulfil my commitment for the number of lessons of the package – due to extreme and sudden changes in my life – you will get a refund. For example: you paid the 5 lesson package worth 325 euros (€65 per lesson). Suppose I can only fulfil 3 lessons: you get a refund of 2 x €65= €134.

5 lesson package: valid for half a year
10 lesson package: valid for a year

Long term discounts

When you receive a discount for taking lessons for a long period of time, you have to abide by the conditions of the discount (as specified, or as agreed with me). Failing to do so will oblige you to pay the difference between reduced and regular price of the lessons already taken.

Example: The agreement – 63 euros per lesson, for weekly lessons with a minimum of 3 months. Actual lessons period – only 2 months. The charge – 5 lesson package+69€ per lesson for the rest of the lessons taken.