Our minds get in the way of our body singing freely. What to do?

Exercises in mentality

There are ways in which we can free ourselves from the shackles of our limiting thoughts. As the song from Frozen goes: Let it go, let it go!


Performing is something you can and should practice. It's a different beast, obeying its own rules.

speaking about the mental game...

In my online course, I take you through all the steps of the mental journey you want to take.

Your new mantra

One of the most self-destructive phenomena for singers, artists and people in general is merciless self criticism. We put ourselves down so much that we waste tons of time we could have put to good use making progress.

Now, leaving behind self-criticism it’s easier said than done - you can’t just push a button or flip a switch and stop beating yourself up.

The alternative: your new mantra

  1. First understand: you cannot stop beating yourself up if you tell yourself to stop - that’s a form of beating yourself up!
  2. Understand that if that’s your habit (the self-bashing or any other kind of bad singing habit) it will take time to get used to an alternative.
  3. What you should do: every time you don’t like the result, whether you yelled at yourself or not, repeat this mantra.

    If you do something that your body is not used to be doing -
    it will take time for the body to get used to it.

In fact, print this mantra out and hang it next to your mirror!

About the author
Linor Oren

I'm an opera singer and (online) voice teacher, based in Amsterdam. It took me more than a decade to overcome my share of mental and physical issues and reach a professional level as a singer. Because of this background, and my 10+ years of teaching experience, I believe I can speed up your learning curve as a singer.

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