How to become a better singer

  1. Get instructions you understand. Teachers who come with vague metaphors without explanation are no use.
  2. Learn to think positive: Saying ‘I suck’ won’t get you anywhere. Find what works for you and drill it in,
  3. Maintain a healthy body: Become aware of your posture, release muscle tension, do bodywork like yoga.

Build from these three pillars and be amazed how good a singer you can become…

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I teach all styles

I’m a trained opera singer but most of my students sing pop and/or musical. I use my technical knowledge to help people in all styles. Check out the video to see what I mean and get your first mini lesson about head voice and chest voice.

Alice“I learned a lot in a few lessons, which makes me want to continue. It’s more than just a singing lesson: at the end of each I walked out feeling stronger, happier with myself.”

Alice, academic and advanced singer

“Linor has helped me to find the natural colour of my voice, with an emphasis on vocal health. I made big progress with her and enjoyed her kindness as well.”

Chaim Tzabari, Operatic tenor

“Linor is boundlessly devoted to and ambitious for her students. She’s introduced me to a whole new world of musical creativity, ability, and confidence.”

Coco Junge, Beginning singer/performer

About me as a performer

“In a difficult tour of over 60 performances of the Phantom of the Opera, in two-and-a-half months, Linor maintained a high level of energy and professionalism combined with a refreshing sense of humour. I believe Linor to be an asset to any company or opera house.”

Deborah Sasson, renowned opera singer

Singing lessons

Come find your bright spot in my singing lessons.

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Online singing courses

Learn from the best & Make singing click


Yoga for singers

Why yoga is great for singers – the benefits & the poses


Singing lessons

Come find your bright spot in my singing lessons.

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My online courses

Learn from the best, Make singing click & SingWell with Yoga


Getting in shape

Know your instrument, work on your body


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