You're closer than you think

to being a good singer 

More than half of the people I polled have gotten negative comments on their singing at some point. Do I buy that they are bad singers?

No. I've worked with hundreds of students who thought they were bad, but either ended up actually being good, or simply had some vocal issues which we solved..

No longer a little mouse...

Stop shushing your own voice. My weekly 'Belting Mouse' mail gets you on track with stories and insights from my life as a singer and that of my students. 

For little mice who are tired of squeaking and want to start belting...


"It’s more than just a singing lesson: at the end of each I walked out feeling stronger, happier with myself."

Alice - Academic and singer

“During performances in the past, nerves would take over, and I could not deliver the aria from a place of confidence. But in a recent performance, thanks to Linor's course and classes, I sang like a resurrected being!"

Radha Natasha Kadic - Amateur opera singer and yoga retreat owner

"Book a lesson ASAP!
After years of on and off vocal lessons, I finally found a method that works for me when I started working with Linor. She’s the most present vocal coach I’ve ever had."

Simon Bitton