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SingWell Karaoke Show #11

From Vocal Injuries to Back-to-back performances

1:11 Call with Jeff: 'How do I solve my over-singing, especially on my high notes?'
24:09 Letter of the day. 'My throat feels scratchy after singing 10 songs. What to do?'
28:10 Karaoke time! Nothing Compares 2U

SingWell Karaoke Show #10

From Vocal Injuries to Back-to-back performances

0:25 Intro
3:47 Call-in corner: Kathy
37:48 Letter of the Week
41:49 Duet with Kathy

SingWell Karaoke Show #9

Open Throat: Confusion & Solution

SingWell Karaoke Show #8

Singing older - and KILLING it! How you can conquer the stage in your 60's

0:28 -Intro
3:00 - From shyest in school to stepping on stage
5:11 - Why you should get a vocal instructor
6:50 - When I realized I sang badly
8:53 - The 40 year gap: quitting singing
10:00 - Recording is painful - how I overcame
12:41 - Picking up singing again
14:45 - My voice DID improve significantly
15:40 - What it means to let yourself be heard
17:19 - Achievement - when I realize I have something to share
18:25 - Performance - then (3 years ago)
22:35 - Open mics are the best
23:08 - Live performance - now!
26:33 - Comparing before and after performances
27:40 - Teaching peace through music
39:39 - The switch Champness has made
33:52 - Letter of the Day

SingWell Karaoke Show #7

Cold shower singing: does it help with stage fright? My progress in 5 months

0:53 Intro My stage fright background
3:25 The connection of stage fright to cold exposure
7:00 Alisa: Is the cold a back door into dealing with stage fright?
11:37 How you can call my show
12:02 Accepting my stress response
15:23 What I'm hoping will become of my stress response
17:19 Alias has zero stage fright singing jazz, but classical..?
18:03 Alisa and I ask people to join our research
21:06 Singing in cold showers - examples from summer 2022
25:39 how I changed mindsets to handle the cold
27:14 Discovering deep breathing - game changer
29:07 Winter challenge - taking REALLY cold showers
36:48 Final result - singing complete Mozart aria in the cold
43:01 Conclusion

SingWell Karaoke Show #6

Order in the Chaos of Chest and Head Voice

0:27 How chaotic vocal registration topic is
3:22 Justin Stoney, introduction
6:09 Why is the issue of vocal registration so burning
7:54 My question: please save us, Justin!
9:51 What are vocal cord modes, and Mode 0
12:29 M1 - Chest Voice
16:33 - Is M2 more airy than M1 by definition?
18:26 M2 - The battle between Head Voice&Falsetto
24:10 M3 - Flageolet, and a surprise M4!
27:50 Can/should everyone learn Flageolet/whistle tone?
29:48 Is whistle more risky to learn?
32:24 How to start learning and applying the different registrations?
35:12 Vocal registration recap, by me
40:23 Letter of the Day
46:10 Karaoke time! Me singing What's Up (4 non-Blondes)

SingWell Karaoke Show #5

From Scared to Addicted

1:40 Emiliya's fearful starting point
5:05 Starting to discover the voice
7:32 the craziest singing moment for Emiliya
9:40 finding different dimensions in your singing
12:33 Getting over the fear of being heard
15:43 Achievement in Emiliya's voice, translating to life
17:19 Emiliya's "before" singing
21:42 Interview conclusion: what made the change possible?
25:57 Letter of the day
29:30 Emiliya's "after" singing: Beauty and the Beast

SingWell Karaoke Show #4

Healthy Why - Healthy Vocals

3:00 Alisa poses her questions about a singer's WHY
4:29 Our WHY's connection to our singing motivation
14:09 How does our WHY affects our vocal production
21:06 Call conclusion
25:48 Letter of the Day
31:51 Context for the Duet we're singing
33:59 Sull'aria, performed by Linor and Alisa

SingWell Karaoke Show #3

From Singing Demons to Singing Joy

3:31 Vincent: singing did not start easy
7:36 the process to change
10:42 shifting from a guitarist to a singer, on stage
15:03 new attitude towards oneself
18:32 Vincent's "then" performance
20:46 Vincent's "now" performance
27:42 Loving the process
31:53 best compliment ever after a performance
35:11 Conclusion
37:47 Letter of the day

SingWell Karaoke Show #2

Big Dreams, Small Budget

[0:54] Can you learn voice for free?
[2:35] Caller: Vanshika is broke, but wants to become a pro singer
[20:14] Singing scholarships
[25:14] Letter of the day
[28:47] Karaoke: You gotta be, by Des'ree (cover)

SingWell Karaoke Show #1

Forever dependent on a singing teacher?

2:48 Lila's question/call
24:05 How to step in professional mode
25:52 My karaoke song