Why singing lessons?

Do you..

  • … want to be happier with how you sound?
  • … have a performance in mind, like a karaoke evening, wedding, solo in your choir?
  • … want to nail auditions?

I’ll make a plan for you, with the tools and timeframe to get you there. I teach in Utrecht, Amsterdam or online.

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‘Got accepted into Vocal Academy!’

“I’m so glad I took that first lesson. Vocally, I improved so much. When I started with Linor, I had no technical skills and never sang a whole song in front of somebody. Now I mostly know what is happening with my voice. I can assess better if something is feeling right or not. And then figure it out myself.

Last year I decided to apply to the Music Performance and Vocal Academy in London. The audition was nerve-wracking, but I had practiced this with Linor with specific exercises. And I got accepted!”

Jill Delling (21), student Music Performance at ICMP

“From freezing up to landing two roles in musical productions”

“I didn’t like to stand in front of a group. I would physically freeze and my mind would go blank. But all the time, I did have the ambition to perform.

I can’t be any happier I found Linor. I’m a very picky person, especially when it comes to private teachers. But the moment I met Linor, I knew I wanted to stick with her.

What I love about her is she REALLY knows what’s she’s talking about. And she knows how to teach that and translate that to hands-on practice. 

Thanks to Linor’s courses and private lessons, I landed two roles in musical productions in Amsterdam.”

Dunya (36, not her real name)

Lesson packages

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My singing students get bonuses that leverage the impact of my lessons:

  • You get access to a community of fellow students who host online practice concerts. Low-threshold, very helpful.
  • You get 50% discount on all my online courses.
  • You get my road map (video and pdf) for free. It guides you in detail through each practice session at home.

‘The performance exercises saved me on stage at my brother’s wedding’

“When performing with my ukulele club, I used to be nervous and couldn’t play with conviction. I followed one of Linor’s stage fright workshops. Meeting her triggered the desire in me to take up singing.

It used to be my conviction that singing is something that other people do, not me. I trusted Linor, I felt comfortable with her. At first the exercises felt a bit unnatural. But as the results came, singing started to get actually really fun.

When my brother prepared for his wedding, I let myself be persuaded to perform. Linor gave me performance exercises. For example, in one exercise I had to sing for her while she as an audience member played distracted. My task was to draw her back in. This turned out to be a life saving exercise. At the wedding, as I started my song, many people were talking. Without the exercise I might have gotten discouraged or silent. Now I just kept singing and drew them in.”

Carla Paping, singing student

“From no clue to amateur performance in 6 months”

“I was lucky that the first singing lesson in my life was with Linor. Forget about your age, lack of confidence, etc. Linor is very proficient in identifying exactly what are your strong and weak points, and gives you personalised tips and exercises to work on them.

As I followed those tips and exercises, I had notable progress literally after every lesson. In about half a year after having no idea on what is singing, I was able to give my first amateur performance. In parallel, I was able to join a choir for the first time which happened after just 3 months after the start. And there’s no limit, for those who prefer study things in a thorough way, Linor developed a teaching system which helps to structure your practice longer term and makes sure you understand where it is all going and what are the further steps.

In addition to being very proficient in vocal matters, Linor is also a very kind teacher who gets inspired by your progress every time, which really helps to carry on even at times when one’s learning curve inevitably goes down. The friendly and open atmosphere of the lessons really helps you to forget about feeling insecure so that singing brings you real joy.

Andrey Kuzmin

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“Finally understand how to have fun with my voice without hurting it”

“I had Linor as a first singing teacher and I couldn’t ask for a better one. Before starting these classes I was really shy about singing in front of people. She gave me confidence right away and now I’m singing all the time in front of everyone! Technically speaking, I can feel how much I improved in just one year. I can go to higher notes without hesitating and (surprisingly) I can also more easily go to lower notes more easily. I can finally understand how to have fun with my voice without hurting my throat. I would definitely recommend Linor as a singing teacher!!”

Roisin Everts

“Improved self-confidence in my everyday life”

“An incredible teacher! Linor is talented, kind and amazingly supportive. She always motivates me to do better without making me feel shut down and criticised. Her teaching method is often focused on paying attention to the sensations in your body and coming up yourself with solutions to your mistakes, which Is really empowering and has improved my self-confidence even in my everyday life. I love knowing that even if my practice has not gone so well that week, Linor will manage to get something out of my voice and I will walk out of the class with a smile on my face. I could not recommend her more!


“Discovered skills I never thought I had’”

Linor is a truly amazing vocal coach! I thoroughly enjoy our sessions together. She has a fantastic ability to tailor every exercise to what works best for me, making it easy to improve my technique. In only a handful of lessons with her, I’ve had several epiphanies where Ive discovered skills I never thought I had. I find it remarkable how much more confident I have become as a singer in such a short time. If you’re looking to pleasantly surprise yourself and enhance your singing, I highly recommend trying out a lesson with her!

Caroline Hesse

“‘Positively surprised with online lesson’”

“After my first lesson in Linors studio, we had an online lesson through video calling. I thought music lessons could only be worthwhile when done live, but I came out positively surprised. Even online, Linor was still able to correct my posture, accompany me on the piano, and provide meaningful feedback on my technique. And as a complete beginner, I definitely need all of that. Even though I still prefer live lessons, I do feel the online sessions are just as productive and helpful. Now I can schedule my classes in a much more flexible way.”

Michel Ivulic, beginning singer

“I finally found a method that works”

Book a lesson asap!
After years of on and off vocal lessons, I finally found a method that works for me when I started working with Linor. She’s the most present vocal coach I’ve ever had. Not only did my vocal technique improve immensely, I also gained so much consistency and growth as a performer through her helpful performance exercises. I admire the way she tries different approaches on the spot to match what I need (that might be different than other students) and that’s a testament to her versatility as a singer and a teacher.

Simon Bitton

“Simple tricks and techniques make you sound better”

I love the singing lessons from Linor. They are my therapy and I always feel inspired and energized afterwards. Linor is a kind, funny, empathic, creative and a very knowledgeable teacher. She involves the whole body with singing and with simple techniques and tricks she makes you sound better in the blink of an eye. Linor’s teaching style is from a coaching and positive perspective; she has eye for your autonomy as a student, she travels with you on your singing journey and she shows you the way without being intrusive or controlling. Her feedback and attitude are very positive. This way of teaching is perfect for me. There is so much more to learn and I am happy that I found Linor.

Kim van den Heuvel, singer and choir singer

“She opened up a whole new side of me”

Book a lesson asap! I was really nervous to try a singing lesson. I always loved to sing along with songs, but never thought of myself as a “singer”. Working with Linor has been one of the great joys of my life! She opened up a whole new side of me and helped me explore something I really love! It’s amazing how my voice has changed. I have learned so much about the instrument that is the human body.

If you are unsure if you want to try a lesson with her, DO IT! You won’t regret it!

Sammy Hansen, dancer and choir singer

“Linor instilled in me the belief in my own potential”

Linor has had an incredible impact on my singing journey! Her unwavering dedication and expertise have been instrumental in transforming my voice, confidence, and on-stage performance. The carefully crafted performance exercises she provided me with have been sooo valuable in honing my sound and elevating my abilities to new heights. Linor’s passion for teaching and music is evident in every lesson, and her encouragement has been a constant source of inspiration for me. She has not only taught me technical skills but also instilled in me the belief in my own potential, allowing me to find my voice and embrace it with confidence. Thank you Linor, for being my teacher!

Gabi Buza
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