One singing lesson

  • Discussing your singing goals
  • Vocal warm-up, then practicing a song of your choice
  • I’ll find your bright spot: the exercise that will get you fast results.

Regular students: you can schedule directly in Calendly.

A 1 hour singing lesson is €62,- ex VAT. Go here to pay and book a lesson (you can pay after the lesson).

I teach in my Amsterdam studio or online.

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‘Positively surprised with online lesson’

“After my first lesson in Linors studio, we had an online lesson through video calling. I thought music lessons could only be worthwhile when done live, but I came out positively surprised. Even online, Linor was still able to correct my posture, accompany me on the piano, and provide meaningful feedback on my technique. And as a complete beginner, I definitely need all of that. Even though I still prefer live lessons, I do feel the online sessions are just as productive and helpful. Now I can schedule my classes in a much more flexible way.”

Michel Ivulic, beginning singer

“I love Linor and her method of teaching! She’s an incredible professional – if anybody will get the best singing out of you, it will be her. Also the kindest, most patient and sweet person you will ever meet… but make no mistake – you will not be able to cut any corners in your lessons because she doesn’t compromise on quality and can literary hear every breath you take while you sing.

Nadia Tomova, data analyst

Lesson packages

Beginners: you get a tailored plan for vocal improvement. A lasting foundation for vocal health and joy in singing.

Advanced singers: achieve a goal, like a recording or audition, or a breakthrough to a new level.

Order 5 lesson package


After payment, you can right away schedule.


Online group lessons

  • Group of 7: € 25,00 (ex VAT) per person for a 1.5 hour lesson
  • Group of 3: € 37,50- (ex VAT) per person for a 1.5 hour lesson
  • Duo: € 40,00 (ex VAT) per person for a 1 hour lesson

You don’t need to know each other in advance (although it’s an option). It just means that I can propose to put students of similar level and interests into a group.

Interested in group singing lessons?

Fragment of an online group lesson, which can include individual ‘masterclass’ sections.

Fragment of a lesson with Jubayru (few months of teaching)

Do online lessons work?

I wrote down my thoughts and findings with online lessons: Online singing lessons: the pros and cons.

What to look for in a singing teacher

    1. A broad repertoire, from classical to pop, so they can suggest songs that are right for you at a certain stage of development.
    2. The teacher had struggles in his or her own past, such as stage fright or vocal and posture problems. It will help them spot similar problems and have the tools to fix them in you.
    3. They can accompany you on an instrument, such as the piano.
    4. Someone who is equally dedicated as you to elevate your level. A sweet teacher, but greedy for progress.

Progress which I thought was unachievable

“I’m very happy that I’ve finally found my teacher. Linor knows her stuff but also knows how to communicate it in the most understandable way. She told me that singing should be as simple as speaking but on a pitch and it blew my mind! – why has no other teacher ever told me that?!

When I just started with lessons I was totally rigid and insecure but she made me feel very comfortable and easy and I learnt to have fun as we went on. Now I can simply focus on getting my technique right and she hands in the right tools for it. I love her super practical approach so all things we do during our lessons are there for a reason. She helps to keep focus on particular things and move to improvement step by step so I don’t get overwhelmed. So far I’ve learnt tons in a short time and see a steady progress which I thought was unachievable on many levels. Needless to say, I’m sticking around for more:).”

Yulia Vladimirova


I can’t be any happier I found SingWell and met Linor. I’m a very picky person in general, especially when it comes to private teachers. But the moment I met Linor, I knew I want to stick with her.

What I love about her is she REALLY knows what’s she’s talking about. And she knows how to teach that and translate that to hands-on practice. Another thing I love about her is she’s very caring but she’s straight forward and doesn’t compliment me for everything I do. (I hate it when teaches do that.) She makes compliments when she really means it.

I usually take private lessons with her but I also love her online course for singing. That was one of the greatest investments I’ve made! It’s like the bible for singing 🙂 I would recommend SingWell for anyone who wants to learn/enjoy singing! “A+++++++!”


“Looking forward to each and every lesson”

“I love Linor and am always looking forward to each and every singing lesson. She has such a personable and approachable character, combining the perfect balance of singing technique with a lot of fun! I have also come to understand and learn so much more than singing, getting more in touch with my body, breathing and posture throughout the lessons. She is a fantastic teacher that I continuously recommend to friends and colleagues!”

Naomi Thellier de Poncheville

“From no clue to amateur performance in 6 months”

“I was lucky that the first singing lesson in my life was with Linor. Forget about your age, lack of confidence, etc. Linor is very proficient in identifying exactly what are your strong and weak points, and gives you personalised tips and exercises to work on them.

As I followed those tips and exercises, I had notable progress literally after every lesson. In about half a year after having no idea on what is singing, I was able to give my first amateur performance. In parallel, I was able to join a choir for the first time which happened after just 3 months after the start. And there’s no limit, for those who prefer study things in a thorough way, Linor developed a teaching system which helps to structure your practice longer term and makes sure you understand where it is all going and what are the further steps.

In addition to being very proficient in vocal matters, Linor is also a very kind teacher who gets inspired by your progress every time, which really helps to carry on even at times when one’s learning curve inevitably goes down. The friendly and open atmosphere of the lessons really helps you to forget about feeling insecure so that singing brings you real joy.

Andrey Kuzmin

“Finally understand how to have fun with my voice without hurting it”

“I had Linor as a first singing teacher and I couldn’t ask for a better one. Before starting these classes I was really shy about singing in front of people. She gave me confidence right away and now I’m singing all the time in front of everyone! Technically speaking, I can feel how much I improved in just one year. I can go to higher notes without hesitating and (surprisingly) I can also more easily go to lower notes more easily. I can finally understand how to have fun with my voice without hurting my throat. I would definitely recommend Linor as a singing teacher!!”

Roisin Everts

“Improved self-confidence in my everyday life”

“An incredible teacher! Linor is talented, kind and amazingly supportive. She always motivates me to do better without making me feel shut down and criticised. Her teaching method is often focused on paying attention to the sensations in your body and coming up yourself with solutions to your mistakes, which Is really empowering and has improved my self-confidence even in my everyday life. I love knowing that even if my practice has not gone so well that week, Linor will manage to get something out of my voice and I will walk out of the class with a smile on my face. I could not recommend her more!