Some people just need a little nudge

Some people just need a little nudge to take up singing.
They love it, but they're shy to admit it to themselves or others.
Or they haven't even fully realised how much they need singing in their life. 

My tip: don't wait until you're in the grave!

Get the gift card in the mail or as a pdf

For lessons in Amsterdam, Utrecht or online

Ideal for beginners

Valid for six months

Gift card 1 singing lesson

A colleague of mine started her career like this. Her boyfriend bought her a gift card for some singing lessons. She works as a singer now... 

€ 73 ex. VAT

Gift Card 2 singing lessons

A second lesson gives the student a chance to have assessed what he or she did in practice between lessons.

€ 140 ex. VAT

View Rosie's reaction on getting the gift card, filmed by her husband (published with their permission)

Online or in Amsterdam/Utrecht

Whatever gift card you choose, I’ll mail you the beautiful print (for Dutch buyers only), so you can present your friend something real. If you’re in a real hurry, I can e-mail you the gift card as a pdf.

Gift Card 3 singing lessons

Three lessons are like a getting starting kit. Your friend will have the tools to make progress on her or his own.

€ 207 ex. VAT

Gift Card 5 singing lessons

In 5 lessons, I can get your friend to achieve a goal. Maybe to perform on stage, on that special occasion? Master that song he or she always wanted to nail? Record an EP? Step on stage!

€ 345 ex. VAT

"I love the singing lessons from Linor. They are my therapy and I always feel inspired and energized afterwards. Linor is a kind, funny, empathic, creative and a very knowledgeable teacher. She involves the whole body with singing and with simple techniques and tricks she makes you sound better in the blink of an eye. Linor’s teaching style is from a coaching and positive perspective; she has eye for your autonomy as a student, she travels with you on your singing journey and she shows you the way without being intrusive or controlling. Her feedback and attitude are very positive. This way of teaching is perfect for me. There is so much more to learn and I am happy that I found Linor."

Kim van den Heuvel

Student Linor

"Book a lesson asap!
After years of on and off vocal lessons, I finally found a method that works for me when I started working with Linor. She’s the most present vocal coach I’ve ever had. Not only did my vocal technique improve immensely, I also gained so much consistency and growth as a performer through her helpful performance exercises. I admire the way she tries different approaches on the spot to match what I need (that might be different than other students) and that’s a testament to her versatility as a singer and a teacher."

Simon Bitton

Student Linor