The Merry Poppins Musical Choir

We sing songs from classics such as Grease, Chicago and Sister Act but also modern classics like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Matilda and Waitress. A women's choir.


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cities: amsterdam & Utrecht


events per year:
shows and recordings

A peek at a rehearsal

A video essay made by Utrecht Poppins members, Christina van Beek for her study Musicology. Very cool.

In Amsterdam and Utrecht

Amsterdam Poppins

Rehearsals on Saturdays, 11 am

Crea, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, Amsterdam

Utrecht Poppins

Rehearsals on Thursdays 7.30 pm

Buurthuis De Beatrix, Pr. Beatrixlaan 2, Utrecht

Founder & choir leader: 

Linor Oren

I must have watched the musical movie Mary Poppins at least three dozen times as a child and teenager. Julie Andrews still is my idol. Obviously, our choir name is a tribute and wink!

I'm a trained classical singer and singing teacher. I have performed myself in a musical production: a 60-performances tour of The Phantom of the Opera, in Germany, in 2017.

To me, arranging songs for, and conducting the Poppins is an absolute blast. So proud of my girls.

Music video 2022: Let's Generalize About Men

From the riot of a tv show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Let’s get super-lit 
And not admit 
This is some kind of primal ritual we need now and then
Maybe our spirits will rise
If we generalize about men

Music video 2023: Perfect

From the musical Disenchanted - not the Disney one!

Now there are those who’ll tell you to
Corse it squeeze it and cinch it
Pinch every inch you can pinch
It’s insanity

Why can’t we see that when this girdling, belting
And strapping defines who we are
It’s gone too far, and kids that’s not for me

I’ve got a better ideology
And this is what my mirror-mirror's telling me
I’m perfect

Live: I Want to Break Free

Christmas Concert 2023 in Amsterdam... Chills... We performed my arrangement of this Queen song in a minor key.

Some other of our memorable performances were at Paradiso Korendagen, in 2020, 2023 and 2024.

Here is a playlist on YouTube of The Merry Poppins.

How to join?


Do you love singing, love blending voices and love musicals? And are you a gal? (sorry guys...)


You don't have to be a skilled singer, as long as you're dedicated.


Come sing along one time at a rehearsal in Amsterdam or Utrecht (free). We'll determine where you'll fit in.


Pay your contribution (yearly or semester) and you're in!

"The choir consists of amazing women from all around the world who share the same passions: singing and performing. The weekly rehearsals are for most of us a highlight of the week. They give us an opportunity to sing together, AND give us a boost of endorphins and joy! Our wonderful teacher, Linor, always finds the most challenging and exciting repertoire and organises regular performances to prepare us for our annual concerts."

Magdalena Urbanska

Poppin since 2019

"Linor conveys everything enthusiastically, in a fun way. I know those strict conductors. Then I shut down. Linor makes it very accessible to everyone. She is really part of the group, not separate from it."

Carla Havekotte

Poppin since 2019

"Merry Poppins is more than a choir: it brings people of different backgrounds together and bonds us, it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and feel good about what we do. It's fun, it's joyful. At the same time we work hard practicing and improving our singing. By the end of each season we have a production of one of our songs. It is Linor’s professionalism, enthusiasm and ability to connect with her students that brings the best out of us! Ever since I joined the Poppins I feel myself part of a great team and our weekly rehearsals are the highlight of the week for me 😉! Many thanks, Linor, and keep doing what you do!"

Rosa Sarkeyeva

Poppin since 2022

"Practicing with the Poppins is my favorite moment of the week and I have grown enormously in a year. Singing connects me with the other Poppins in a special way. Linor ensures that we grow as a group and that we shine during our performances. She comes up with creative projects and is open to suggestions from the group. In addition to practicing and performances, invitations are often sent for other fun things, such as eating together and watching musicals. Of course, while we sing along loudly!"

Willemein van Leeuwen

Poppin since 2022

Join The Merry Poppins!

  • Sing the greatest musical songs, often in original arrangements, with wonderful ladies
  • Online access to vocal parts and sheet music
  • Perform in concerts such as an end-of-the-year musical, the legendary stage of Paradiso, sometimes a music video
  • Vocal advice and performance coaching from a pro choir leader/singer: you'll blossom as a singer
  • Optional: 50% discount on your first singing lesson, 10% after that. 50% discount on my online courses
  • Social events on the side, such as karaoke evenings, dinners, coffees



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We're independent of grants. Cost covers my salary as arranger/conductor, costs for website development, social media promotion of member acquisition, fees for rehearsal and concert space and production costs of events/audio recordings/music videos.
Check the Terms and Conditions

Photos of Christmas Concert 2023 and video shoot June 2023

Rehearsal & vacation dates 2024

Amsterdam Rehearsals

Seasons starts in September 2024, on Saturday mornings, in Crea

Crea room number

2.02 - Default

Amsterdam Vacations


Utrecht Rehearsals

Season starts in September 2024, on Thursday evenings, Buurthuis De Beatrix

Utrecht Vacations


Frequently asked questions

How good do I need to be?

If you can follow a tune, you're probably good enough. Dedication is the main component, and we work on our voices in the rehearsals.

Do I need to commit to every rehearsal?

No. Of course it's nice if you attend all rehearsals. But if you can't make a certain date, just take it on yourself to catch up for the next rehearsal. Learn your parts at home.

What do I have to prepare before a tryout?

Usually, after the rehearsal, I do some vocal exercises with you, to get a feel for your voice and where you might fit in the choir. No need to prepare anything, but if you want, I can send you some music files.