My Daddy Issues

My dad always wanted me to sing. He said he could hear my talent when I laughed. He had a point, because when we laugh our diaphragm ‘jumps’ and kicks the voice out effortlessly.

He didn´t know anything about singing or music. Yet, somehow, he knew. Too bad, I shied away and didn’t let anyone hear me sing until the age of 21. In the end it all would be ok: I became a professional opera and musical singer. But more on that later.

I think one of the reasons my dad encouraged me was because he was denied that encouragement as a child. As a 7-year-old, the music teacher told him he had NO TALENT.

Really, who determines that for a kid?!? Would my dad have become an opera singer without that comment? A singer-songwriter? Maybe simply a choir singer having great fun?

Some students who come to me talk like this: ‘I have a terrible voice’. Some were told so. Others compare themselves to a successful sibling: My sister is the talented one… Just a spoiler – they were all wrong.

(Read more about this in my manifesto)

Linor Oren Noam Vazana

With my good friend, the great singer Noam Vazana, performing in Dauphine, Amsterdam

My First Voice Lesson

At 21 I finally took a voice lesson, just for fun. It was like falling in love. After a few lessons I realized I would have to get over my stage fright that I developed by shying away from singing. This took me two more years. Overcoming physical and psychological obstacles in my vocal technique took me way longer.

All this helps me now with my students. I had almost nothing come easy. So when a student comes in with a bad habit, chances are that I have had it, too, and know what to do about it.

I have learned that singing well is about understanding your instrument – your body. So my method involves yoga and Alexander. It’s amazing how much of a difference this will make for your singing!

The songs here are the arrangements I wrote for my choir, recorded by myself

How I Became A Singing Teacher

  • I graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
  • In 2010 I moved to Berlin, where I studied with renowned opera singers.
  • The impact of their teaching exploded when I started figuring out a new exercise routine and mental approach: I reached a professional level.
  • I performed in Opera and Music Theater Projects, such as a 80 day tour of Das Phantom Der Oper.
  • I moved to Amsterdam in 2017 and started giving singing lessons. I launched a choir too. In 2021 I moved to Utrecht.
  • I’ve taught over 300 singing students, some ‘tough nuts to crack’ too. But I cracked them.
  • For my students I developed a system, that I want more people to benefit from: my online course Make Singing Click.

“In a difficult tour of over 50 performances of the Phantom of the Opera, in two-and-a-half months, Linor maintained a high level of energy and professionalism combined with a refreshing sense of humour. I believe Linor to be an asset to any company or opera house.”

Deborah Sasson

renowned opera singer

Marc Shaiman, Oscar-nominated composer of for example Mary Poppins Returns, gave me this huge compliment on my arrangement of The place Where Lost Things Go (here on YouTube). 

Simon Bitton

"Book a lesson ASAP! After years of on and off vocal lessons, I finally found a method that works for me. Linor is the most present vocal coach I’ve ever had. Not only did my vocal technique improve immensely, I also gained so much consistency and growth as a performer through her helpful performance exercises. I admire the way she tries different approaches on the spot to match what I need and that’s a testament to her versatility as a singer and a teacher."

No longer a little mouse...

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