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Each of my courses centers around a different topic and brings you to a course environment in which you are taken through a series of video lessons. I give you exercises and you can ask me questions in the comment section.

Make Singing Click - the complete system

Are you a relative beginner? Have some psychological or vocal issues? Overwhelmed by all there is to learn?

My course gives you an alternative to doubt, over-thinking and overwhelm. it removes vocal issues one by one, in a systematic way. 

There are two moments in the course where I give you feedback on your singing.

'It has given me clarity, a new joy in singing'

SingWell on Stage

What if you would actually feel good on stage and move the audience? 

Performing can be practiced and learned. There is a system to dealing with stage fright and becoming more expressive as a performer - even if your vocal technique isn't stellar.

I give you the method that got me on stage, and I include personal guidance.

'I landed two musical roles'

SingWell with Yoga

I've cracked the code of singing freely, without tension. See, muscle tension puts pressure on your airway. Yep, that's a mild form of choking your airpipe.

With the help of a yoga teacher, I demonstrate 7 yoga poses that release your voice. Each pose will help you overcome a different vocal issue, for example high notes.

'Extremely effective in helping the natural voice flow unobstructed'

Learn from the Best

Learn what the greatest singers do to sing so amazing.

We break down the singing technique of 20 famous singers from past and present.

You'll notice the patterns: from Sinatra to Aguilera: the great ones basically all do the same. You just have to know what to look for.

'Better than Netflix'