When you want to sing well... badly
Don't let self-criticism get the better of you

Make singing click
online singing course that ...

  • gives you a clever, systematic alternative to pointless self-criticism
  • powers up your volume, vocal reach and endurance
  • gets you to sing songs you love & sing them well

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Make singing click is ‘beta’, which means about 50% of the lessons are accessible. In the coming weeks, the rest will follow. 


Don't let a psychological issue ruin your passion

Here’s a nasty paradox: some of the most passionate singing students resist practice.

It’s not that they’re lazy. They simply can't stand sounding ‘bad’ during a particular exercise. Self-criticism gets the better of them.

I’m the last singing teacher on the planet to judge people for this. I’ve been through all the mental and physical issues that kept me from singing with joy. 

But it frustrates me that a stupid psychological issue gets in the way of people's passion, like it once did with me. 

(What infuriates me is that this self-criticism often comes from other people telling someone, sometimes to a child: you can’t sing.)

That's me in the pink wig, in music academy

Let me tell you this though: your love for singing won’t go away. I’ve had first-time students of a very respectable age. My oldest freshman was 68!

So how to deal with all the mental (and physical) mess? We need to clean up the bad habits and replace them with new ones.

You need clarity. You need a clear system that will replace ‘I sucked!’ with an objective and fun system to build on.

It's this system that sets my course apart from other courses. Make singing click not about any technique (high notes, belting), but it's about systematically, and reliably taking yourself to a next level, regardless of the technical aspect you're working on.

LINOR OREN  //  Your Singing Teacher

  • As a young girl, I shied away from singing lessons.  I was 21 when I finally started.
  • I graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
  • In the process, I overcame a bad case of stage fright and some tough physical issues.
  • In 2010, I moved to Berlin, where I studied with renowned opera singers.
  • The impact of their teaching exploded when I started figuring out the principles that I reveal in this course: I reached a professional level.
  • I performed in Opera and Music Theater Projects, such as a 80 day tour of Das Phantom Der Oper.
  • I've taught over 120 singing students, some 'tough nuts to crack' too. But I cracked them. 
  • For my students I developed a system, that I want more people to benefit from: this course.

What my students say

'A whole new world of musical creativity'

"Linor is boundlessly devoted to and ambitious for her students. She’s introduced me to a whole new world of musical creativity, ability, and confidence."

Coco Junge  //  Beginning singer


'Feeling stronger and happier with myself'

"I learned a lot in a few lessons, which makes me want to continue. It’s more than just a singing lesson: at the end of each I walked out feeling stronger, happier with myself."

Alice  //  Experienced singer

"If I sing when I'm alone, I feel wonderful. It's freedom." - Andrea Bocelli

8 outcomes of my course

Get out of your head

Learn my shoot-first-ask-questions-later method, where you eliminate the hesitation and overthinking which stop you from singing. In other words - get out of your head. I'll give you a fun and productive alternative to hesitating, over-thinking and beating yourself up.

Neutralize the enemies

Meet the enemies of your voice and deal with them: the areas in our body that are tense, acting like sticks in the wheel. We’ll identify and remove your sticks. You have a voice already, but it's caged and shackled. I'll free it.

No longer overwhelmed

Drop the jaw, expand the ribs, release the neck muscles... It's too much at once! I help you cluster these technical aspects in what I call the secret of the machine trick. The 'machine' will learn you how to multitask without multitasking.

Bright spot generator

Together, we'll identify the areas of your singing where you make fastest progress: your bright spots. For fast and better results we leverage those first. That's more rewarding than concentrating on things that don't work!

Big 5 vocal enhancement

We'll make huge progress with the BIG 5 pillars of a great voice. You'll enhance your: 1) breath support 2) range 3) volume 4) vocal endurance and 5) excess of airiness. 

Enjoying practice

Say what now? Yep. Practice isn't just hard work that you suffer through until you reach your ultimate goal. You can be happy with it, and I'll give you the system to make that happen.

Singing songs you love

Choosing a song you love AND that isn't too difficult, in the right key? If you're struggling with that - I got you covered. Studying voice is not just about technique, it's having the satisfaction of singing what you love.

Confidence boost

Exploring your voice makes your personality blossom, no matter what your goal is. Once you have made a habit of expressing yourself, it translates to other areas of your life, when all eyes are on you. 

Picture this...

You before

  • "Sometimes I sound good. But how did I do it? I can't reproduce it."
  • "In my choir I sing softly, so I don't risk being heard."
  • “Whenever a high note comes, I'm in trouble.”
  • “Ugh practice... Can't we skip that?”
  • "I have a performance coming up and I feel insecure."
  •  "It's a bit strange that I hardly know anything about a topic that I like so much.”

You after

  • "I can consistently sound good. I know how to assess what I did wrong or right."
  • “Give me that solo in the choir, it's my time to shine."
  • "High notes don't feel so high anymore."
  • "I have to force myself stop practicing, it's too much fun."
  • "I feel ready and can let go at the event itself. "
  • "I feel like I know my voice, I'm suddenly intimate with my own instrument.”

Get Make singing click

Stop postponing your desire to learn singing. Start reaching technical and mental milestones already this week. Sing songs you love, make your personality blossom, become your own teacher.

$247,- Summer of 2019 launch price $187,-
plus VAT where applicable

Make singing click is ‘beta’: about 50% of the lessons are posted now. In the coming weeks, the rest will follow. 

An online course... for singing?!

  • Video lessons
  • Personal feedback
  • Community of peers 

I can almost hear you think: how can you teach me how to sing without even meeting me?

  • Sure, everyone has their own issues. But I've noticed that the range of problems singers have is quite limited.
  • In the course we'll quickly diagnose which issue is your main 'stick in the wheel'. You’ll know where to focus on what works for you.
  • I include two opportunities where you can send me recordings/videos to evaluate. Also, I’ll answer questions in the comments below each lesson.
  • This course is a multiplier of what you learned or will learn in real singing lessons. What you’ll learn about singing will stick. Even if another teacher uses slightly different methods or terms.

Beware of voice tips on YouTube

If you want to learn to sing, chances are you've come across videos with voice tips. I have nothing against them. I post these videos too on my YouTube channel.

They can remind you of a certain technical aspect that was slipping. But know this:

No bunch of voice tips on YouTube can make you a truly better singer

In order for you to make a breakthrough as a singer, you will need a system, sustained focus and guidance to keep that up. And that is my course, right there.

"He who sings frightens away his ills." - Miguel de Cervantes

'Friends and family have noticed I've gotten better'

"Lessons with Linor changed my voice drastically in just a few months and she taught me how to understand the anatomical mechanisms involved with singing. She used images and analogies that were extremely helpful in achieving better singing methods. “My friends and family have noticed that I’ve gotten better too…"

Hanna Bratton  //  Rapper

'I have overcome my fear of singing thanks to Linor'

Linor is a great teacher. She helped me to get the best out of myself. Achieved a lot of results in a short time. In addition, I have overcome my fear of singing thanks to her and my voice. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, attitude and nice lessons. Lots of love.'

Naomi Ayélé  //  Actress

The milestones of Make singing click

Each of the 5 modules consists of multiple video lessons geared to make you reach a milestone.


No brain, no pain The dilemma: we need to use our brain to improve. But we also need it to shut up at times, so that it doesn't mess with our flow. I'll teach you to find the balance: when to be a drill instructor, when to 'rip the bandaid', when to fool around like Jim Carrey.


The vocal instrument tour You might not know what the hell is going on inside. After this module, you'll know how your instrument works and what it feels like. We'll spot your 'biggest enemy'. Sounds scary? Knowing your enemy will get you the fastest progress.

PLUS << 1st feedback moment: I respond by e-mail to your singing >>


Remove the sticks in the wheel  What is your main 'stick in the wheel'? The main obstacle that you have to release in order to give your voice freedom - better start there! After this module, you'll know your main stick, and what is the best method to remove it. You'll have a bright spot.


Enhance your voice. I'm greedy, you'll realize that soon. Meaning that I'm not satisfied with a little progress. Let's achieve a real, big change on all aspects of your singing. You'll sing louder, healthier, with a bigger range, but without extra effort.

PLUS << 2nd feedback moment where I respond to your singing >>


Become your own teacher

I'll show how to take all you've learned from me - or another singing teacher - and put it into action from now on. A life-long toolkit to making continuous improvement to your singing.

'I had no idea I could sing higher notes without forcing'

'Linor is a fantastic teacher, she opened the door of singing for me. She helps me to understand many aspects of voice techniques, postures and breathing. When I first learned from her 4 months ago, I had no idea that I could sing higher notes without straining, sing louder without forcing. She's an anatomist in singing. She can single out any unnecessary restain in your voice and help you to improve upon it.'

CHI (m, 52) //  Beginning singer and yoga teacher

Two ways to learn singing online - which do you choose?

1. Figure it out from multiple sources

  • Look up scattered tip vlogs from different teachers on YouTube, trying not go get distracted by cat videos.
  • Sit through an encyclopaedia worth of voice tips, without ever being sure how to integrate them.
  • Take a string of singing lessons with many teachers, not reaching a long term change.

2. Let an expert guide you all the way

  • Get an integrated system from a single teacher that gives you personal feedback.
  • Benefit from the discipline of a lesson plan and the support of a community that follow the same course.
  • Internalize the system that teaches you how to become your own teacher.

'I reach my notes effortlessly for the first time'

"Linor was the first vocal coach I had who started correcting my posture before we got started. I am reminded of a good masseur I once had, who did not immediately start kneading my back, but first asked me to stand up, and concluded that one leg was half a centimeter shorter. Likewise, Linor corrected my neck and head, which led to a completely different sound. Already in a few lessons I have progressed tremendously. I reach my notes effortlessly for the first time, without having to force it.”

ANOUK EIGENRAAM  //  Beginning singer

'Like a great, refreshing swim!'

"I wondered if I would be good enough to take singing lessons. Would my voice stand up to the test of being an instrument? Linor made me realize that I could make it happen.

The classes with Linor give me so much energy. Every time I leave I feel like I’m floating on air, or after a great, refreshing swim!”

ANGEL LEBAILLY  //  Electronic musician

'So glad I found Linor after a bad experience with another teacher'

"The worst thing that happened in my singing life is that I stopped taking lessons for ten years after a bad experience with a previous teacher. That teacher was a great singer but she couldn’t teach at all. It messed ​up my voice.

I’m so glad I found Linor. From the first lesson I noticed that Linor doesn’t overwork your voice. I sing for fun now. I consider classical singing one of the most amazing things and I want to master it."

URSULA  //  Amateur opera singer

What this course is - and isn't

Make singing click is a carefully crafted series of video lessons in which I guide and coach you.

  • It is a system that makes you reach a set of milestones. Also, it's an archive you can always go back to. Whenever you need  inspiration, a reminder or reassurance.
  • Unlike some teachers do, I won't promise that you 'sing like a pro with 28 days', or nail auditions after this course. But I can promise you that much more is possible than you might think now.
  • This is NOT a course for you if you're looking for a few magic tricks. Sure, some of the work we do will lead to quick improvement. But some work will take longer to take root. This is fun work but it's work.

Bonus lesson

'What would you do if I sang out of tune?'

Some people think they 'can't carry a tune in a bucket'.  But almost every beginning singer who came to me eventually learned how to sing in tune. They were not 'tone deaf'.

The key to singing in tune: it's not about controlling the melody, but about clearing the way for your voice. I'll show you how to control the pitch better by letting go of control.

​A few more things ​you'll discover

  • A simple truth about the nature of singing, which nobody tells you, but which will make all the difference.
  • Why the less you focus on singing 'pretty', the better you will sound
  • What tightrope walking has in common with singing
  • How you will sing better by using the rip the bandaid approach
  • How I'll make you sing in yoga positions and how you''ll be amazed by the sound that will come out
  • What we singers can learn from Jim Carrey
  • If the warm-up you do meets 3 important criteria - plus an extended warmup that I use

A sneak peek at some topics of Module 1: No brain, no pain

"If I cannot fly, let me sing" - Stephen Sondheim

Stop postponing learning to sing.

Singing may be the greatest form of expressing yourself. Let me make you realize what's possible for you, and how much fun singing becomes after it clicks.


Consider this: has anyone on their death bed ever said: I wish I hadn't spent so much time singing awesome?

$247,- Summer of 2019 launch price: $187,-
Make singing click is ‘beta’, which means about 50% of the lessons are accessible. In the coming weeks, the rest will follow.


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Linor Oren, SingWell

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