Do you crave singing well... badly?
Don't let self-criticism or some vocal issue get in the way

Introducing: Make singing click
online singing course that ...

  • gives you a clever, productive alternative to confusion and self-criticism
  • removes vocal issues and powers up your volume, vocal reach and endurance
  • gets you to sing songs you love & sing them well
$347,- $247,- year-of-launch price
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Don't let some issue ruin your passion for singing

Here’s a nasty paradox: some of the most passionate singing students resist practice, or have even given up on singing.

It’s not that they’re lazy. They simply can't stand sounding ‘bad’ during a particular exercise. Self-criticism gets the better of them.

I’m the last singing teacher on the planet to judge people for this. I’ve been through all the mental and physical issues that kept me from singing with joy (this makes me a good teacher now).

But it frustrates me that a stupid psychological issue gets in the way of people's passion, like it once did with me. (What infuriates me is that criticism often starts with people telling someone: you can’t sing.)

That's me in the pink wig, in music academy

Or sometimes it's a vocal issue that makes people think that they're just not meant for singing. But these issues can be solved: I've made it happen time and again.

Let me tell you this: your love for singing won’t go away. I’ve had first-time students of a very respectable age. My oldest freshman was 68!

So how to deal with all the mental (and technical) issues? We need to clean up the bad habits and replace them with new ones.

You need clarity. You need a clear system that will replace ‘That sounded bad!’ with an objective and fun system to build on.

It's this system that sets my course apart from other courses. Make singing click not about any particular technique (high notes, belting). It's about systematically taking yourself to new levels, and securing, aka 'clicking' that progress.

Who joins this course?

  • Aspiring singers who are unsure where to start, Overwhelmed by the many singing teaching methods? ->> My course takes you by the hand and guides you to a series of milestones.
  • People who think singing advice is too vague, or are unsure how to execute it  ->> My course explains in simple terms what you should do and how.
  • Singers who feel their singing practice could be more effective and not hit and miss  ->> My course will teach you to be your own teacher and know exactly why something worked or why not. Also for experienced singers.
  • Singers who struggle with a particular vocal difficulty and unsure how to solve it ->> This course systematically searches for your vocal issue(s) and finds for each a solution that works for you.
  • People with limited time ->> You can do this course whenever it suits you.

8 outcomes of my course

No longer in your head

Learn my shoot-first-ask-questions-later method, that eliminates the hesitation which stops you from singing freely. I'll give you a fun and productive alternative to hesitating, over-thinking and beating yourself up.

A free voice, finally

Meet the enemies of your voice and deal with them: the areas in our body that are blocking your airflow. We’ll identify and deal with them. You have a voice already, but it's caged and shackled. I'll free it.

Handling many technical issues at once

Drop the jaw, expand the ribs... It can be too much at once! I help you cluster these aspects in what I call the secret of the machine trick. Multitask without multitasking.

Potent practice

Together, we'll identify the areas of your singing where you make fastest progress: your bright spots. For fast and better results we leverage those first. That's more rewarding than concentrating on things that don't work!

Big 5 vocal enhancement

We'll make huge progress with the BIG 5 pillars of a great voice. You'll enhance your: 1) breath support 2) range 3) volume 4) vocal endurance and 5) excess of airiness. 

Enjoying practice

Say what now? Yep. Practice isn't just hard work that you suffer through until you reach your ultimate goal. You can be happy with it, and I'll give you my secret system to make that happen.

Mastering songs you love

Choosing the wrong songs for practice or performance is an often-made mistake. We choose too difficult songs. I help you find the right song(s) that you ALSO love singing.

Confidence boost

Exploring your voice makes your personality blossom, no matter what your goal is. Once you have made a habit of expressing yourself, it translates to other areas of your life. 

A review about the course

'“Far and away the best singing course I’ve ever taken”'

"I'm a DIY singer-songwriter, meaning I perform, record, produce and master my own material. By far my biggest challenge has always been my voice.

Over the years I've taken 4 highly regarded paid online courses, one paid offline course (with cd’s), and a few years of one-on-one voice lessons. While those lessons all helped, progress was pretty glacial. So I signed up for Linor's course Make singing click. This course is far and away the best I've ever taken.

So many things can go wrong with our voice without us realizing it. It can result in singing off-key, or in having poor tone or instability, or in tiring and destructive vocal strain.

I knew entering the course that good support is crucial, and that muscle tension is a killer. But the translation of that knowledge into better singing had been elusive and slow. We are often simply unaware of habits that block our progress. For the first time, Make singing click gave me a set of tools to detect, isolate and correct the problems.

The results have been fantastic for me. I am excited about my progress, and about feeling less blocked.

The course is very well organized (not all courses are!). Also, Linor provides one-on-one assistance, via the comments, and in a part of the course where she assesses (privately) your own submitted video. No other online course I've taken did that and this personal assistance alone puts her course head and shoulders above the rest - the individualized tips are priceless.

This course employs a scientific methodology (i.e. it uses evidence based reasoning to detect and correct problems, and to stack correction routines on top of each other), which makes it very powerful and, again, sets it apart from the rest.

Last but not least, the course videos are just fun to watch - they have a light touch, and are sometimes hilarious! 

Linor is both an experienced performer and an experienced teacher and this course is clearly the result of years of accumulated wisdom. I cannot recommend this course highly enough."

Champness Jack  //  singer-songwriter

Get Make singing click

Stop postponing your desire to learn singing. Reach technical and mental milestones already this week. Pinpoint and eliminate your vocal issues, start singing songs you love, well.

$347,- $247,- year-of-launch price
plus VAT where applicable

The milestones of Make singing click

Each of the 5 modules has about a dozen video lessons geared to make you reach milestones.


No brain, no pain The dilemma: we need to use our brain to improve. But we also need it to shut up at times, so it won't mess with our flow. I'll teach you to find the balance: when to be a drill instructor, when to 'rip the bandaid', when to fool around like Jim Carrey.


The vocal instrument tour You might not know what the hell is going on inside. After this module, you'll know how your instrument works and what it feels like. We'll spot your 'biggest enemy'. Sounds scary? Knowing your enemy will get you much faster progress. PLUS << 1st feedback moment: I respond by e-mail to your singing >>


Remove the sticks in the wheel  What is your main 'stick in the wheel'? The main obstacle that you have to release in order to give your voice freedom - better start there! After this module, you'll know your main stick, and what is the best method to remove it. You'll have a bright spot.


Enhance your voice. I'm greedy, you'll realize that soon. I'm not satisfied with a little progress. Let's achieve a real, big change on all aspects of your singing. You'll sing louder, healthier, with a bigger range, but without extra effort. PLUS << 2nd feedback moment where I respond to your singing >>


Become your own teacher

I'll show how to take all you've learned from me - or another singing teacher - and put it into action from now on. A life-long toolkit to making continuous improvement to your singing.

Bonus chapter

'What would you do if I sang out of tune?'

Some people think they 'can't carry a tune in a bucket'.  But almost every beginning singer who came to me eventually learned how to sing in tune. They were not 'tone deaf'.

The key to singing in tune: it's not about controlling the melody, but about clearing the way for your voice. I'll show you how to control the pitch better by letting go of control.

--> Including my First aid kit for out-of-tune singers

'I can practice anywhere I go now'

"I do really well with structure. Now that I know how much I should be practicing, how often, as well as specific items to pay attention to and a process to improve them, I feel very guided! I feel so grateful that you put your skills into videos online because I can afford to practice sustainably anywhere I go. I can tell it's really helping. Your course is marvelous :) "

Hanna Bratton  //  Rapper

LINOR OREN  //  Your Singing Teacher

  • As a young girl, I shied away from singing lessons.  I was 21 when I finally started.
  • I overcame a bad case of stage fright and some tough posture issues. This would later help me as a teacher:  I know what students struggle with.
  • I graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
  • In 2010, I moved to Berlin, where I studied with renowned opera singers.
  • The impact of their teaching exploded when I started figuring out the principles that I reveal in this course: I reached a professional level.
  • I performed in Opera and Music Theater Projects, such as a 80 day tour of Das Phantom Der Oper.
  • I've taught over 120 singing students, some 'tough nuts to crack' too. But I cracked them. 
  • For my students I developed a system, that I want more people to benefit from: this course.

'A whole new world of musical creativity'

"Linor is boundlessly devoted to and ambitious for her students. She’s introduced me to a whole new world of musical creativity, ability, and confidence."

Coco Junge  //  Beginning singer

'So glad I found Linor'

"The worst thing that happened in my singing life is that I stopped taking lessons for ten years after a bad experience with a previous teacher. That teacher was a great singer but she couldn’t teach at all. It messed up my voice.

I’m so glad I found Linor. From the first lesson I noticed that Linor doesn’t overwork your voice. I sing for fun now. I consider classical singing one of the most amazing things and I want to master it."

Ursula  //  Amateur opera singer

"If I sing when I'm alone, I feel wonderful. It's freedom." - Andrea Bocelli

An online course... for singing?!

  • Lessons in both video and text format 
  • Personal feedback
  • Community of peers 

I almost hear you think: how can you teach me online?

  • Look, everyone has their own issues. But I've noticed that the range of problems singers have is quite limited.
  • In the course we'll quickly diagnose which issue is your main 'stick in the wheel'. You’ll know where to focus on what works for you.
  • I include two opportunities where you can send me recordings/videos to evaluate. Also, I answer questions in the comments below each lesson.
  • This course is a multiplier of what you learned or will learn in live singing lessons. What you’ll learn about singing will stick from now on. Even if another teacher uses slightly different explanations or terms.

Picture this...

You before

  • "Sometimes I sound good. But how did I do it? I can't reproduce it."
  • "It's a bit strange that I hardly know anything about an activity that I like so much.”
  • “Whenever a high note comes, I'm in trouble.”
  • “There's a song I love that I would like to sing well.”
  • "I've (a) vocal problem(s) that's been troubling me since long.
  • "In my choir I sing softly, so I don't risk being heard."

You after

  • "I can consistently sound good. If not, I know how to assess what I did wrong."
  • "I feel like I know my voice and body, I'm intimate with my own instrument.”
  • "High notes don't feel so high anymore."
  • "I nail that great song. The best feeling ever."
  • "My vocal problems are solved, I finally feel less blocked."
  • “Give me that solo in the choir, it's my time to shine."

'I had no idea I could sing higher notes without forcing'

'Linor is a fantastic teacher, she opened the door of singing for me. She helps me to understand many aspects of voice techniques, postures and breathing. When I first learned from her 4 months ago, I had no idea that I could sing higher notes without straining, sing louder without forcing. She's an anatomist in singing. She can single out any unnecessary restain in your voice and help you to improve upon it.'

CHI (m, 52) //  Beginning singer and yoga teacher

Get Make singing click

Stop postponing your desire to learn singing. Reach technical and mental milestones already this week. Pinpoint and eliminate your vocal issues, start singing songs you love well.

$347,- $247,- year-of-launch price
plus VAT where applicable

Beware of voice tips on YouTube

Chances are you've come across videos with voice tips. I have nothing against them. I post these videos too on my YouTube channel.

They can give you an insight and remind you of a technical aspect that was slipping. But know this:

No bunch of voice tips on YouTube can make you a truly better singer

In order for you to make a breakthrough as a singer, you will need a system, sustained focus and guidance to make it click. And that is my course, right there.

"He who sings frightens away his ills." - Miguel de Cervantes

'I have overcome my fear of singing thanks to Linor'

Linor is a great teacher. She helped me to get the best out of myself. Achieved a lot of results in a short time. In addition, I have overcome my fear of singing thanks to her and my voice. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, attitude and nice lessons. Lots of love.'

Naomi Ayélé  //  Actress

'I reach my notes effortlessly for the first time'

"Linor was the first vocal coach I had who started correcting my posture before we got started. I am reminded of a good masseur I once had, who did not immediately start kneading my back, but first asked me to stand up, and concluded that one leg was half a centimeter shorter. Likewise, Linor corrected my neck and head, which led to a completely different sound. Already in a few lessons I have progressed tremendously. I reach my notes effortlessly for the first time, without having to force it.”

ANOUK EIGENRAAM  //  Beginning singer

7 things you should check before you buy an online singing course

  • The singing course should aim to work together with real life singing lessons.
  • It should have at least one feedback moment, so the student is not left entirely to his own judgment 
  • It should have a solid practice system explained: a clear structure motivates
  • It has to involve lessons about the psychological aspect of singing: so vital for progress
  • It should methodically search for your main vocal issues, instead of being a list of voice exercises
  • The teacher should have a professional singing education and stage experience
  • The teacher should have taught at least a hundred students in real life

Some singing secrets I'll reveal

  • A simple truth about the nature of singing, which nobody tells you, but which will make all the difference.
  • Why the less you focus on singing 'pretty', the better you will sound.
  • How you will sing better by using my rip the bandaid approach.
  • How I'll make you sing in yoga positions and how you''ll be amazed by the sound that will come out.
  • What we singers can learn from Jim Carrey.
  • If the warm-up you do meets 3 important criteria - plus an extended warmup that I use.
  • Personal stories of singing heartbreak and triumph, so you'll understand you're not alone in this.

A sneak peek at some topics of Module 1: No brain, no pain

"If I cannot fly, let me sing" - Stephen Sondheim

Let nothing get in the way any longer 

Take your desire seriously. Let me make you feel what's possible for you, and how much fun singing becomes after it clicks.


Consider this: has anyone on their death bed ever sighed: I wish I hadn't spent so much time singing?

$347,- $247,- year-of-launch price


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Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you feel like singing doesn't click after doing this full course, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Linor Oren, SingWell

What this course is - and isn't

Make singing click is a carefully crafted series of video lessons in which I guide and coach you.

  • It is a system that makes you reach a series of milestones. Also, it's an archive you can always go back to. Whenever you need inspiration, a reminder or reassurance.
  • Unlike some teachers do, I won't promise that you 'sing like a pro within 28 days', or nail auditions after this course. But I can promise you that much more is possible than you might think now.
  • This is NOT a course for you if you're looking for a few magic tricks. Sure, some of the work we do will lead to fast improvements. But some things will take longer to take root. This is fun work, but it's work.

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