Where in Utrecht can I get me some good vocal coach? I looked it all up and have listed the locations, names and specialties of the teachers I found. And while I'm at it, I also listed myself, SingWell, why not 🙂

Hope you'll get settled with a good coach and enjoy singing!

Teachers' private studios

Name teacher



Cordula Klein Goldewijk (Ken je Stem)

Bernadottelaan 11, 3527 GA

CVT method

Laura Schoegje

CAB-RONDOM 100, 3534 BE

EVT, CVT, group workhops

Tibetaanse Bellaan 14, Vleuten

All styles, focus finding your 'bright spot'

Brian Sporkslede


Recording and stage coaching

Elisa Helder    (Muziekschool Utrecht)

Ceylonlaan 7, 3526 AC

Not specified

Claudia Copier (Zin-inZang)


CVT, piano, percussion

Thea Bakker

Bouwstraat 55
3572 SP

Children & adult singing groups

Hermien de Zwart (Zangles op Maat)

1. Muntkade 134
3531 AK

2. Bouwstraat 55
3572 SP

Classical, Musicals

Sebastiaan Ammerlaan

Clara Mesdag

Schaper­straat 11




Astèr Fekre

Nijverheidskade 15
3534 AZ

Active professional pop singer

Schools with multiple teachers

Name of school



Vocal Center Utrecht dB's

CAB-RONDOM 100, 3534 BE

Vocal Essence teaching method

Vocal Factory

Gruttersdijk 12
3514 BG

Jazz, Pop

Vocal Arts Academy

1.Rijksstraatweg 32-D,   Leidsche-Rijn

2.Jansveld 35, Utrecht

3.Burchtpoort 5, Vleuten

All styles+songwriting


CAB – rondom 100
3534 BE

Funk, country, pop, jazz



Stage coaching&opportunity

Zangschool Tosca

Burmanstraat – Utrecht

Stage fright, multiple styles

Singing lessons in Vleuten

As far as I can tell, apart from me there is only one address in the beautiful Utrecht suburb called Vleuten. That's Vocal Arts Academy.

A singing teacher not listed?

I made this list based on Google and Google Maps. Have I overlooked teachers? Please let me know