As a singing teacher and choir director, I noticed that many of my students were lost looking for a choir that suited them. Of course, they’re welcome to join my own choir The Merry Poppins. But I also decided to make an overview of all choirs, vocal ensembles and singing groups in Utrecht, both amateur and professional, by genre and/or language. It’s a staggering number!

Linor Oren – voice teacher and conductor of The Merry Poppins, organizer of music-themed team events.

Musical Theater choirs in Utrecht

Are you a musical theatre fan? Me too, it's the best. 

So far, I have not found many of choirs singing musicals, if you know of one - let me know in the comments! In the meantime - I started one 🙂 The Merry Poppins.

Of course I mention my own women's musical choir The Merry Poppins here: we sing new arrangements of songs from musical classics like Hair, Grease and Sister Act. But also from modern classics such as Matilda and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Plus the occasional Queen song... And a spontaneous karaoke event is never far. You don't have to be an experienced singer to join, as long as you're dedicated.

Pop choirs

If you love contemporary comercial music (you know, the stuff you hear on the radio and see on MTV and The Voice - here are a few opions

An amateur, mixed choir of men and women

They sing popular songs from the 60's to up-to-date, perform a couple of times a year, including in Paradiso's Korendagen.

An amateur, mixed choir with their own band!

The Prestige Pop choir has many branches around the Netherlands. This one is in Vleutenwiede, singing the best pop hits. They also offer 2 free tryouts to see if you like it

An amateur, mixed choir of ladies and gentlemen 

They sing mainly Dutch pop songs, but go for a varied repertoire and include some cool hits. 

No score reading necessary, but they do learn their lyrics well!

An amateur, mixed choir of men and women, 4 part singing

This group looks active, they perform with a band accompaniment, sing the latest hits and some classics. They rehearse in Zuilen.

An amateur, women's choir, 3-part singing

The Lipsticks are a fun, enthusiastic group of ladies. Singing anything from Bruno Mars to traditional folk songs

An amateur, women's choir singing Pop and Rock music

This lady group rehearses in Leidsche Rijn and both performs in real life and recording videos online. Check out their blog to see their diverse activities

An amateur, mixed choir, singing Dutch pop and folk songs

This group sings mainly in Dutch and very resourcefully singing in every festival out there, going abroad, AND rocking a flashmob.

An amateur, mixed improvised choir

You go to a bar, get a music/lyric sheet, learn your part, then they put it together and boom! You have a song! They Usually come together at Cafe De Postillon, Utrecht

A amateur, mixed choir of ladies and gents singing close harmony

They sing popular, light music. Perform a lot, do festivals and their shows include choreography, decor and effects

Amateur, mixed choirs

This is actually a whole music school! They have:

1) a pop-choir

2) a special choir (from Feb 2023!) for international singers.

3) a smaller vocal group.

Working with different music teachers, they are keeping busy and that looks like a ton of fun. 

A semi-professional women's vocal group

Beautiful and high level voice blending over here. They are looking for good singers, so go for it! They get booked for events and perform a lot. 

Accompanied by guitars

Songs & Strings is a music group with singers, singers and guitarists. We sing in 3 or 4 voice groups, accompanied by guitars. We sing and play polyphonic pop songs in our own style.

Classical choirs

Looks like Utrecht is the homeland of classical music, just by looking at the amount and quality of classical choirs. Good luck choosing, there are so many good ones!

A mixed choir singing a classical and light repertoire

Lamusa take themselves seriously, performing live and filming video clips, too. A mixture of classical and light repertoire.

A semi-professional, mixed choir 

This choir made it to the news! They work on performances and new projects all the time, and they sound pretty good, I will say

A professional, men's choir

They sing mostly early music, medieval pieces. They are performing regularly, and going for peculiar, unique projects you don't usually see. Give them a try if you're a guy with a good voice

Professional communal choir, mixed with women and men

Definitely one of the best choirs in the country. They perform regularly and looks like their musical enthusiasm is at a new level. And so many of them!

Multiple professional choirs, children and youth

This made me want to send my kids to solfege classes. These are children choir, boy choir, young women choir and mixed youth choir, all singing at a very high level. Worth to try out, or at least go to one of their concerts

An amateur, mixed choir, singing a capella classical music

Their repertoire varies from early music to contemporary classical music. They already have some performances lined up for 2022

Amateur mixed chamber choir

Decibelle is a mixed amateur chamber choir that sings 4-6 or 8-part music, mostly a cappella, from the Renaissance to the 21st century.

An amateur, mixed choir

Wim Egz sing classical music, but also world music and experimental pieces. Active since 1947 - they still got it

Mixed choir, opera

Klein Operakoor have existed since 1999 and have performed many special features performances. Including the 'City Opera' Trijn: five almost sold-out performances in the main hall of Tivoli/Vredenburg.

A professional, mixed choir singing mainly early music

Sight singing and independent score studying is required if you want to audition. If you can - do it, they perform regularly, record, and they sound amazing

A professional, paid choir. Mixed of men and women

This choir is a job, apply if you are a professional singer or singing at a high level, have experience in ensemble singing and able to sight sing. 

A semi-professional, mixed choir of ladies and gents

From ealry music to contemporary classical music, they perform regularly and push themselves to achieve. 

An semi-professional, mixed choir of men and women

Rehearsing in Lombok, Estrivo sings mainly a-capella, classical pieces of all eras. they plan for at least 2 shows a year, with a new repertoire every time. 

A semi-professional, mixed choir of young women and men

One of the largest and most well known groups in the country. They rehearse and perform regularly, have a practice camp and a tour every year. You will have the privilege of singing in a classical choir without auditioning, that's right, just go and sing with them!

An amateur, Mixed of men and women

This  group of educated amateur singers is performing every single month in the church, and sometimes perform on radio and TV. And check out those robes..

A semi-professional, mixed choir

If you love opera as much as I do, you are welcome to try out with them. they sing with great soloists, big orchestras and perform regularly. 

A professional, mixed choir and children choir

This choir performs both in real life and online. They have a children choir school for kids ages 8-12. 

Being a member includes not only rehearsing and performing, but also a study week and a sailing week every year, plus a tour.  

An amateur, women's choir  

Singing mostly classical music, but not only the expected, standard repertoire, they go into modern music as well. They sing in 3 voices and always welcome new members

An amateur, mixed choir 

They are skilled amateurs performing regularly, also with orchestras. Premiering new musical pieces and also travel around the world

Diverse style choirs

We got some choirs here that sing a bit of everything, that's always nice to mix things up, so take a look at these

An amateur, mixed choir of ladies and gentlemen

A fun group that loves singing together, doing anything from classical music and folk songs to world music in multiple languages

An amateur, mixed choir of men and women, international repertoire

These guys and gals have a varied repertoire, from serious to songs with a twist. A quote: Whether we sing classical or world music, we strive for beautiful choral sound, dynamics, expression and purity.

As of Feb 2023 they are looking for basses and high sopranos!

An amateur, women's choir - joined to the Hilversum choir

This is an international group of women, singing multiple styles and adding dance to it as well

women's choir

Women's choir Furore is led by conductor Gerard Legeland. The repertoire is varied. They sing world music and (modern) classical. They usually do this a cappella. Sometimes there is instrumental accompaniment.

Polyphonic songs from Georgia, Balkans

This male's choir rehearses once a month. A cappella. They perform often at music festivals dedicated to world music, also in collaboration with other choirs, for example Bianca C, see below.

An amateur, mixed choir of women and men

Amateur or not, they sing from sheet music and you need to learn your music and lyrics properly. They sing in close harmony, songs from light music to jazz and classical music

Contemporary choir music

Chamber choir Venus has a permanent line-up of more than 30 singers. In 2016, Krista Audere took over musical direction. Venus specializes in contemporary choral music, but also performs older music. The choir regularly approaches composers with requests to write new work.

World music

Their repertoire is very diverse. Mainly world music but also sometimes Renaissance music. Malaika traditionally performs a number of times around Christmas and before the summer break. We also regularly provide special workshops.

World music

World Women's Choir Bianca C. sings about Love in all its manifestations: from maternal love, love for blushing apple cheeks, dreamed love, past love, love for the Sea, love for turtles (in spicy sauce, mmmm!) via love for your birthplace to the intense love from an ugly who knows how to love..

A professional, mixed choir singing close harmony

They perform a lot, record and sometimes win competitions...You need to be not only enthusiastic, but sing well and be willing to invest time (up to twice a week towards projects) in the choir. Looks like you'll be achieving quite a bit with them for that investment. 

An amateur, women's choir 

Ladies in 20's and 30's get together and sing all kinds of music styles: Chrismas songs, pop, world music etc. They go on to make super cool youtube videos, check those out. 

A semi-professional, mixed choir singing close harmony

They sing any style, a-capella, and quite at a high level. The also create music together and improvise. They also perform all the time and film video clips

An amateur, women's choir 

For female students of UU and HU, get together and make beautiful music of all styles and eras, including classical music

An amateur women's choir, connecting with the LGBTQ+ community

Super cute and happy ladies, singing world music, classical, modern, upbeat, balads. All in beautiful arrangements of at least 3 voices. They perform a few times a year.

Dutch theater and cabaret choir

'Where Het Asfalt Stops' sings contemporary Dutch music. Many cabaret songs, with some pop here and there, always in multiple moods, sometimes a cappella, often with accompaniment. As a theater choir, they pay a lot of attention to the presentation and theatrical setting of the songs

Gospel choirs

Nothing like Gospel music to lift the spirit, here are  the choirs in Utrecht who sing in this style

An amateur, mixed choir singing Gospel

Located in the suburb of Vleuten-De Meern, this group has been enthusiastic about togetherness and music making, spreading, in their words, god's love. They perform regularly in church and go on tours in and outside the country

An amateur, mixed choir singing black, American gospel

This choir from Nieuwegein has a band and sings authentic gospel music. They team up with choirs in the US and perform in churches, festivals and in the theater

Other style choirs

Maybe one of those groups will hit the nail on the head with the style you are interested in, so have a look

An amateur, mixed choir singing close harmony

Want to sing in 4, 5 or 6 voices? They work towards shows of Jazz, soul, swing, and don't hesitate to change the language or add some dance steps in

A professional, men's choir

Performing slavic music from the Byzantine era. A very unique ensemble known for its niche musical expertise. Young men are mostly encouraged to tryout, though older men are welcome, too 

An amateur, women's choir

Singing Brazilian repertoire, dressing up, drumming and moving accordingly. If you love Brazilian music give them a try, the give the whole experience

Jazz choir

DieJazzPast is a close-harmony jazz choir. They sing four to five voices (SMATB) in different music styles such as jazz, latin and bossa. Well-known old songs are put into a new “Jazz” by conductor Martin Rudolph. They perform a unique mix of well-known and new songs: with their own character, often with a wink, and always with swing anyway.

Theater choir

Theater choir Vinger in je Oor is a group of enthusiastic people from Utrecht who stage a new performance every year. What distinguishes this choir from other choirs is an evocative theme that forms the basis for the repertoire and the theatrical design. The result is always a surprising performance, full of humor and drama.

Your Utrecht choir is not on this page? 

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