Contact & Schedule

Contact & Schedule2019-07-04T20:13:34+00:00

Schedule a lesson

Schedule a 1 hour (online) lesson with me. A single lesson is € 50, – ex VAT. First time students: after you schedule, I’ll mail you with more info.

Contact info

SingWell Studio
Stephensonstraat 16p
1097BB Amsterdam
06 45 051 877

“I can recommend Linor’s classes to anyone, not just to professional singers. The way you express yourself is so important!”


“Linor gave me great freedom and confidence with my voice. I sing with ease now, instead of the fear I used to hold.”




In what languages do you teach?2019-02-03T22:14:22+00:00

I’m a lover of languages, and I would love to learn a ton more. But presently, I teach in:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Hebrew
Do you also teach online?2019-02-02T09:38:58+00:00

Yes. Private lessons are either online or offline. Online I use Skype or another application that you prefer, as long as it has video.

Where do you teach?2019-02-02T09:37:01+00:00

I teach at my place, a beautiful apartment near Amsterdam Amstel station. Find out how to get there by public transport. The entrance of Stephensonstraat 16p is right across from the police containers on the opposite side of the street. Press 16 + p + the bell icon.

Do you also teach beginners?2019-01-30T09:56:30+00:00

Yes! About half of my students are singers who have never taken lessons.

Do you perform yourself?2019-01-30T09:45:45+00:00

The most recent project I did was in the winter of 2017, performing in Das Phantom der Oper, a 3 months tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After moving to Amsterdam, I focused on teaching, only doing an open mic here and there. I’ll get back in the ring soon. Keep you posted 🙂

Do you only teach opera?2019-01-30T09:43:10+00:00

Nope, I teach all styles. In fact, most of my students like to learn pop and/or musical singing.