Preparing for a show is not about singing well. I know that sounds absolutely crazy.

But vocal technique is your job in daily life. In routine practice. You can make big strides in your singing in your voice lessons and in your work at home, but only if you shoot for the long haul.

The above video is a lesson from my online course SingWell on Stage

When there is a show coming up, and I’m talking from at least a week in advance, there is basically not much you can do to improve your technique.

You might be able to a bit, but not in a substantial way which is worth your time.

So you work on your voice all you want in your regular practice, but a week before a performance, you close that book shut and open this one: this course is to prepare you for the show mentally and practically.

And you need to start thinking in terms of:

'I am a complete product. My song is a complete product.'

Because there is only so much you can improve about your voice and technique in a few days.

So don't even bother. Focus on the whole, on the performance.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait until you have a performance scheduled to practice towards it. You will learn how you can improve your performance already in your routine practice, but the golden rule is: from a week before the show - you are mine.

You will most likely find that some of the tactics and exercises in my course (see below) are actually good for your vocal technique as well. To me that’s a bonus. But a great one!

speaking about singing on stage

Your technique doesn’t have to be splendid to move the audience. But you have to (l)earn your place on stage. And guess what: there is a system to this.