Overwhelmed by all there is to learn about singing & still such a long way to go?

I'll create a clear path of progress for you.

Make singing click
The only 
online singing course that singles out and solves YOUR vocal problems

  • liberates you from doubt & over-thinking singing
  • identifies and removes your vocal issues one by one 
  • Gets you to sing freely, even if you're the type with 'issues'
Includes personal feedback from me 
$447,- $347,- 
plus VAT where applicable

'‘I landed two roles in musical productions.’'

"Make Singing Click is one of the greatest investments I’ve made. It’s like the Bible for singing. It is a course I can use for the rest of my life – it’s something I will always go back to as a singer to work on certain issues. Thanks to Linor's courses and private lessons, I landed two roles in musical productions in Amsterdam."

Dunya (36, not her real name)  // front-end developer and amateur musical singer

Good singing practice is picking your battles

Does the following remind you of a singing practice session of yours?

  • Start singing
  • Be dissatisfied with the sound
  • Shake your head/make a disappointed face/yell at yourself
  • Just give it another try
  • Try to remember what the teacher said you have to do (about 15 things simultaneously)
  • Try again
  • Repeat the cycle

I will go out on a limb and say - all this is not going to get you far.  In fact, it's a waste of your time. Also, it adds all sorts of blockages and obstacles to a task which is already not easy - improving your singing. 

Maybe you've had singing teachers before, and maybe these teachers have left you confused.

That's not a stab at these teachers. It's stating a fact about how many singing lessons unfold: putting out fires, and missing the big picture of your vocal instrument and its issues.

Most teachers have good things to tell, but the information might have been unstructured and
overwhelming to you. I even catch myself doing this as a voice teacher. 

And that's also why I created this course: to make sure my students get a system that makes them internalize vocal advice in a way that is productive and lasting.

The risk of taking voice lessons is accumulating more and more vocal instructions but not knowing how to process them, how to put them to use and gaining control of them.

One can be in 'student mode' for a very long time....

A lot of singing advice, also on Youtube, is
unstructured information and doesn't get you from point A to B (and by B I mean: being a singer who knows how to diagnose vocal issues, and fixing them, then moving to the next.)

What is/are your vocal issue(s)? What are your mental issues? How do you approach practice, is there a system to it? In order to improve, you need strategic and sustained action. But who will teach you that?

Have me figure it out for you.

Look, if you’re not experiencing enough progress, it’s not because of a lack of talent or some insurmountable vocal issue. It’s because of a lack of clarity. You need a clear system that will replace ‘That sounded bad, I guess I suck!’ with an objective and motivating system to build on.

Make singing click is not about any particular technique (high notes, belting etc). It's about systematically diagnosing vocal pain points, finding out which solutions work best for you, and drilling those in before moving to the next.

What is Make Singing Click?

My online course Make singing click is a series of around 60 video lessons, divided in several modules - each designed to have you reach a mental or technical milestone. I answer your questions in the comments and there are two moments where I give feedback on short videos of you singing that you send me.

What is Make Singing Click NOT?

Most courses will teach you a truck load of vocal technique info, tell you it’s the holy grail, and leave you alone to figure out how to master it all. Whereas I take you by the hand and show you how to get control over any technique you learn, anywhere.

8 outcomes of my course

No longer in your head

Learn my shoot-first-ask-questions-later method, that eliminates the hesitation which stops you from singing freely. I'll give you a fun and productive alternative to hesitating, over-thinking and beating yourself up.

A free voice, finally

Meet the enemies of your voice and deal with them: the areas in our body that are blocking your airflow. We’ll identify and deal with them. You have a voice already, but it's caged and shackled. We'll free it.

Handling many technical issues at once

Drop the jaw, expand the ribs, focus on resonance... It can be too much at once! I help you put everything together in what I call the secret of the machine method. Multitask without multitasking.

Potent practice

Together, we'll identify the areas of your singing where you make fastest progress: your bright spots. For fast and better results we leverage those first. That's more rewarding than concentrating on things that don't work!

Big 5 vocal enhancement

We'll make huge progress with the BIG 5 pillars of a great voice. You'll enhance your: 1) breath support 2) range 3) volume 4) vocal endurance and 5) excess of airiness. 

Enjoying practice

Say what now? Yep. Practice isn't just hard work that you suffer through until you reach your ultimate goal. You can be happy with it, and I'll give you my secret system to make that happen.

Mastering songs you love

Choosing the wrong songs for practice or performance is an often-made mistake. We choose too difficult songs. I help you find the right song(s) that you ALSO love singing.

Confidence boost

Exploring your voice makes your personality blossom, no matter what your goal is. Once you have made a habit of expressing yourself, it translates to other areas of your life. 

Who joins this course?

  • Aspiring singers who are unsure where to start, Overwhelmed by the many singing teaching methods? ->> My course takes you by the hand and guides you to a series of milestones.
  • People who got confusing singing advice. Even your teacher is amazing - you might not know what they mean or how to carry out their instruction ->> My course can help translate in to "English". And I explains in simple terms what you should do and how.
  • Singers who feel their singing practice could be more effective and not hit and miss  ->> My course will teach you to be your own teacher and know exactly why something worked or why not. Also for experienced singers.
  • Singers who struggle with a particular vocal difficulty and are unsure how to solve it ->> This course systematically searches for your vocal issue(s) and finds for each a solution that works for you.
  • People with a busy schedule  ->> You can do this course whenever it suits you.
  • People with a limited budget ->> If you can't afford weekly lessons, the course is a way to maximize the effect of every lesson, so you can take lessons less often.

Champness Jack about the course

'“Far and away the best singing course I’ve taken”'

"I'm a DIY singer-songwriter, meaning I perform, record, produce and master my own material. By far my biggest challenge has always been my voice.

Over the years I've taken 4 highly regarded paid online courses, one paid offline course (with cd’s), and a few years of one-on-one voice lessons. While those lessons all helped, progress was pretty glacial. So I signed up for Linor's course Make singing click. This course is far and away the best I've ever taken.

So many things can go wrong with our voice without us realizing it. It can result in singing off-key, or in having poor tone or instability, or in tiring and destructive vocal strain.

I knew entering the course that good support is crucial, and that muscle tension is a killer. But the translation of that knowledge into better singing had been elusive and slow. We are often simply unaware of habits that block our progress. For the first time, Make singing click gave me a set of tools to detect, isolate and correct the problems.

The results have been fantastic for me. I am excited about my progress, and about feeling less blocked.

The course is very well organized (not all courses are!). Also, Linor provides one-on-one assistance, via the comments, and in a part of the course where she assesses (privately) your own submitted video. No other online course I've taken did that and this personal assistance alone puts her course head and shoulders above the rest - the individualized tips are priceless.

This course employs a scientific methodology (i.e. it uses evidence based reasoning to detect and correct problems, and to stack correction routines on top of each other), which makes it very powerful and, again, sets it apart from the rest.

Last but not least, the course videos are just fun to watch - they have a light touch, and are sometimes hilarious! 

Linor is both an experienced performer and an experienced teacher and this course is clearly the result of years of accumulated wisdom. I cannot recommend this course highly enough."

Champness Jack  //  singer-songwriter

Get Make singing click

You've struggled long enough.

End the overwhelm and get structured. Reach technical and mental milestones already this week. Pinpoint and eliminate your vocal issues, start singing songs you love, well.

Includes personal feedback from me
$447,- $347,- 
plus VAT where applicable

The milestones of Make singing click

Each of the 5 modules has about a dozen video lessons geared to make you reach a milestone.


No brain, no pain The dilemma: we need to use our brain to improve. But we also need it to shut up at times, so it won't mess with our flow. I'll teach you to find the balance: when to be a drill instructor, when to 'rip the bandaid', when to fool around like Jim Carrey.


The vocal instrument tour You might not know what the hell is going on inside. After this module, you'll know how your instrument works and what it feels like. We'll spot your 'biggest enemy'. Sounds scary? Knowing your enemy will get you much faster progress. PLUS << 1st feedback moment: I respond by e-mail to your singing >>


Remove the sticks in the wheel  What is your main 'stick in the wheel'? The main obstacle that you have to release in order to give your voice freedom - better start there! After this module, you'll know your main stick, and what is the best method to remove it. You'll have a bright spot.


Enhance your voice. I'm greedy, you'll realize that soon. I'm not satisfied with a little progress. Let's achieve a real, big change on all aspects of your singing. You'll sing louder, healthier, with a bigger range, but without extra effort. Crucial: we only do this after we've removed your sticks. This is where singing advice often goes wrong. PLUS << 2nd feedback moment where I respond to your singing >>


Become your own teacher

I'll show how to take all you've learned from me - or another singing teacher - and put it into action from now on. A life-long toolkit to making continuous improvement to your singing.

Bonus chapter

'What would you do if I sang out of tune?'

Some people think they 'can't carry a tune in a bucket'.  But almost every beginning singer who came to me eventually learned how to sing in tune. They were not 'tone deaf'.

The key to singing in tune: it's not about controlling the melody, but about clearing the way for your voice. I'll show you how to control the pitch better by letting go of control.

--> Including my First aid kit for out-of-tune singers

Vincent about the course

'I love Linor's structure AND sparkle'

Besides being a blues guitarist and a guitar teacher, I am in a band where I am the lead singer. But the other band members used to gently let me know that my singing wasn’t stellar, to say the least. So I had to make a decision: get a lead singer or get better myself. I decided to go for the second option, but only after thinking it through. This would be a project.

I knew I had something going for me, because whenever I played and sang in small gatherings, people liked it. But my voice wasn’t nearly there yet to perform on big stages, on tours. Sometimes it would sound ok, the next time it wouldn’t - and I would be clueless why. My throat would often hurt, I felt I was pushing. On stage, I would overcompensate for my lack of technique by overdelivering in terms of emotion.

As guitarists, we can study other guitarists by careful observation. So I started listening and watching closely some singers I admire. I could figure out the musicality of what they were doing well enough: the phrasing and the dynamics. But what was going on behind the scenes, so to speak, kept eluding me. Singers operate much more in the dark than guitarists. It kept puzzling me how they could sing such long or high notes without forcing. I needed a teacher.

Around that time I chanced upon a YouTube video of Linor reacting to Freddie Mercury at Live Aid. I’m not that into reaction videos but it touched me. I loved the combination of Linor's professionalism and empathy. I decided to schedule lessons with her. But weekly lessons weren’t an option and I decided to also take the course. The combination of lessons and course proved to be a winner.

Linor’s concept of ‘sticks in the wheel’ was an eye opener. To view and analyse my body, my posture, as an instrument. To track down the body part that is the major issue and then to experiment with tricks to remove it. And then to move to the next.

As a guitar teacher (and still a student of the instrument) I like the approach of fully digesting baby steps in a practice sequence. I like to dive deep and really get the routine or exercise before I move on. I play guitar in my band, and I call this approach to learning: making something stage proof. In order for a routine to be stage proof, it has to be drilled in pretty darn well. Make singing click allows for that. I could take all the time I needed at home to dive deep in different aspects of technique.

I didn’t rush myself to finish a module within a week. Instead, I took it slowly and carefully. The course’s clarity and structure is the foundation for progress. And Linor's energy and sparkle lift me over the bumps and lazy days.

It’s starting to pay off....  there have been really great moments: three or four times at home when it was flowing, real gems of singing sessions. Such a blast, when it comes together.

But I’m self-critical and I know I’m not yet where I want to be. My singing is not stage proof yet. I’m in that middle stage of getting there, I think. I’m in a good flow.

Vincent  // Guitar teacher and band leader of Vinnie's Vice

Catherine about the course

'Slowly but surely, the magic happened'

To explain just how much Linor has helped me, I need to give a bit of context. Singing means everything to me, but because of a mix of reasons, my voice never really worked properly. Among other things, I had classical singing classes, and then modern classes, and I got completely confused because the methods and theory I was taught by both teachers totally contradicted each other. I was even more lost than before I started singing lessons.

That's why, when I moved to Amsterdam, I chose to take a lesson with Linor - her website mentioned that she worked with both techniques, lyric and variety, and I thought she could help me overcome my confusion. And I was right.

But she transformed my voice and singing for more reasons: I used to only work on my voice when I went to classes, and to just follow the teacher. I never took ownership of my own learning. I was spending some money, getting some temporary results, but nothing lasted. It completely changed with Linor: she told me from the start that I had to practice between lessons, monitor my own progress, pay attention to how I felt more than how I sounded, and take action based on that. I was reluctant at first (out of sheer laziness, I'll admit), but I gave it a shot.

I bought Make Singing Click, and practiced her 10-minute warm-up 3 times a week. And, slowly but surely, the magic happened. Because her method helps you identify what's blocking your voice, I got super aware of what was going wrong - and what was going better.

I was able to properly close my vocal cords for the first time ever (I used to choke regularly while drinking or eating, and that almost completely stopped as my vocal cords got stronger!). I gained so much confidence, I started singing at the coffee break at work 😍

I have to do a lot of public speaking for my job, and I used to lose my voice after each conference - now I do Linor's warm-up before every event, and even if my voice is still strained, I don't have to stop speaking for days afterwards. I took her advice and started yoga - that transformed how I feel every day, but also my voice. I started having a vibrato I never felt before.

Then I started working on my posture, and, following Linor's online class, I identified myself which sticks I had to work on. I started feeling that space for the voice that Linor talks about in her classes. I even started to feel the difference between operatic, chest and head voices! As I keep practicing, I identify new things to work on, and new progress I've made.

I still have a long way to go, but for the first time in my life, I trust that I can make progress with my voice in a sustainable and independent way, and that I can achieve my goal (which is to be able to perform in public).

And besides all of this, Linor is just incredibly nice. She makes you feel safe and pushes you to do your best at the same time, and that is rare in teachers!

Thank you for everything Linor ❤

Catherine  (27) from the UK

LINOR OREN  //  Your Singing Teacher

  • As a young girl, I shied away from singing lessons.  I was 21 when I finally started.
  • I overcame a bad case of stage fright and some tough posture issues. This would later help me as a teacher:  I know what students struggle with.
  • I graduated from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.
  • In 2010, I moved to Berlin, where I studied with renowned opera singers.
  • The impact of their teaching exploded when I started figuring out the principles that I reveal in this course: I reached a professional level.
  • I performed in Opera and Music Theater Projects, such as a 80 day tour of Das Phantom Der Oper.
  • I've taught over 200 singing students, some 'tough nuts to crack' too. But I cracked them. 
  • For my students I developed a system, that I want more people to benefit from: this course.

"If I sing when I'm alone, I feel wonderful. It's freedom." - Andrea Bocelli

I almost hear you think: how can you teach me online?

  • Sure, everyone has their own issues. But I've noticed that the range of problems singers have is quite limited.
  • In the course we'll quickly diagnose which issue is your main 'stick in the wheel'. You’ll know where to focus on what works for you.
  • I include two opportunities where you can send me recordings/videos to evaluate. Also, I answer questions in the comments below each lesson.
  • This course is a multiplier of what you learned or will learn in live singing lessons. What you’ll learn about singing will stick from now on. Even if another teacher uses slightly different explanations or terms.

Radha about the course

'It has given me clarity, unity, a new joy in singing'

“Before Linor, I’ve had three different singing teachers, and I was overwhelmed by the different characters, approaches and partly overlapping, partly conflicting technical advice.

I saw Linor in a reaction video on Youtube and I loved her energy: it wasn’t hyped up, or prima donna-like. I basically trusted her - and even though I’m not the kind of person who signs up for these things, I 
decided to go for her course. I thought it would be like a check-up, but it turned out to be so much more.

I loved how it broke down the complexity of singing in simple concepts. It has cleared up a lot of confusion and focused on the basics. I’m a thinker, I like complexity in all fields, but in singing it has interfered greatly with my ability to perform what I have inside of me. The course simplifies things.

It was a reality check too: everything I was avoiding all these years in terms of basic skills, she told me to do. It definitely cuts to the core and the
coeur: the heart of singing. One after another, every so-called ‘stick in the wheel’ of my airflow has been addressed and is presently being surgically removed.

I had a lot of questions and what I liked is that Linor in the course answered them all within 24 hours. I’m someone who needs that elaboration and feedback. I have started taking Skype lessons too, to develop more nuanced answers to the questions I have. 

There’s something very grounded and Zen about the way Linor teaches. Before I took the course I felt fragmented, a little lost with my singing practice. I had been studying for 10 years and I was tired. It began feeling like a chore. Linor finally unified what I knew about singing and gave me a roadmap.

In a few months time, Linor has brought unity to my being as a singer. I want to sing beautifully now and perform opera and my own compositions for small, sophisticated audiences. It’s about time I can feel that way, after ten years of struggle.

During my performances in the past, nerves would take over, and I could not deliver the aria from a place of confidence and know-how. But in a recent performance, thanks to Linors course and classes, I sang like a resurrected being! The exact tricks from her course, elaborated in private Skype lessons, and her support as a teacher, made the performance stellar - internally and for the audience as well.

I would say, this course is for anyone who feels they can't understand why they don't sing well or as they wish, in addition to anyone who is an amateur or professional that wants to do a check-up on the quality of their singing mechanism."

Radha Natasha Kadic  // amateur opera singer and composer // Co-Founder of Sat Yoga Ashram, Costa Rica

You before

  • I go to lessons - or went in the past - but I feel my progress is/was too slow.
  • "I’m overwhelmed by the tons of singing advice I got. Singing practice can feel like a chore."
  • "It's a bit strange that I hardly know anything about an activity that I like so much.”
  • "In my choir I sing softly, so I don't risk being heard."
  • "I have no clue how to structure a practice session at home."

You after

  • Now that I have a practice system in place, singing lessons pay off MUCH more. It saves me tons of money on lessons.
  • "I’m eliminating my vocal issues systematically, one after the other."
  • "I feel like I know my voice and body, I'm intimate with my own instrument.”
  • “Give me that solo in the choir, it's my time to shine."
  • “I know exactly what to do in practice, which makes it motivating."

Alisa about the course

'‘A huge impact on my at-home practice, much faster

“I had been taking real-life lessons with Linor for 1.5 years when she launched her online course. I had no experience with online courses on singing. So at first, I was rather sceptical. However, I was immediately very impressed, and I still am after using this course for the better part of a year. I still use it.

A big part of the course systematically goes through the obstacles on our way to a free voice. It offers detailed solutions on how to overcome them. Some of the problems were already familiar to me from the real-life lessons I had with Linor, which helped me to recognise and name the issues (as opposed to jumping to the conclusion "I suck at singing", which I used to do).

But here’s where the added value of the course comes in: for my day-to-day practice sessions it is extremely helpful to have this list of issues/videos in front of me. I can quickly rewatch the video that deals with the obstacle that bothers me on that particular day. (also convenient: under each video is a text summary with the main points made in that video).

Linor is a great teacher. I work in education and what impressed me was how the learning strategies and techniques Linor uses, are also known in my community to be effective for achieving consistent progress. Still, even I had a couple of 'a-ha' moments, realising that I can implement some proven teaching tools in my singing practice.

Using the online course also allowed me and Linor to save time during our real-life lessons. Instead of using up that time with explanation, all Linor now needed to do was mention the name of the video. I would know exactly what she's talking about or, if not, I would watch the video after our lesson.

The combination of taking private lessons with Linor and using the online course has had a huge impact on my at-home practice: making it much more structured, which in turn helped me progress much faster.

I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their singing but lacks the understanding of how to do so.”

Alisa Kirichenko  // amateur singer // scientific researcher

Get Make singing click

The online singing course that singles out and solves 
YOUR vocal problems

Reach technical and mental milestones already this week. Pinpoint and eliminate your vocal issues, start singing songs you love well.

Includes personal feedback from me
$447,- $347,-
plus VAT where applicable

'‘One of the greatest investments I've made.’'

"Make Singing Click is one of the greatest investments I’ve made. It’s like the Bible for performing. It is a course I can use for the rest of my life – it’s something one can always go back to as a singer. Because of Linors courses and private lessons, I landed two roles in musical productions in Amsterdam."

Dunya (36, not her real name)  // amateur musical singer // front-end developer

"He who sings frightens away his ills." - Miguel de Cervantes

Beware of voice tips on YouTube

Chances are you've come across videos with voice tips. I have nothing against them. I post these videos too on my YouTube channel.

They can give you an insight and remind you of a technical aspect that was slipping. But know this:

No bunch of voice tips on YouTube can make you a truly better singer

In order for you to make a breakthrough as a singer, you will need a system, sustained focus and guidance to make it click. And that is my course, right there.

Bonus: The Roadmap to your singing session

Know exactly what to do when you practice at home

A singing session at home is more motivating and fun if you always know what's next. This bonus lesson condenses all the practice stuff you have learned in one place. Just go through the file (and/or watch me talk you through it in the corresponding video). You will know exactly what to do in practice. From how long the session should be, which bodywork to pick, how to warm up, what vocal technique to focus on and - importantly - how this lesson fits in your total vocal journey.

Some singing secrets I'll reveal

  • A simple truth about the nature of singing, which nobody tells you, but which will make all the difference.
  • Why you should begin to love your ugly noises.
  • How you will sing better by using my rip the bandaid approach.
  • How I'll make you sing in yoga positions and how you''ll be amazed by the sound that will come out.
  • What we singers can learn from Jim Carrey.
  • How to multitask without multitasking, using my 'machines'
  • What feeling the sound as opposed to hearing it will do for you.

"If I cannot fly, let me sing" - Stephen Sondheim

Orion about the course

'‘Linor’s personal feedback far exceeded my expectations’'

“I found Linor on YouTube and liked how she reacted to singers: not uncritical but always positive and constructive. That’s why I decided to take her online singing course.

I was immediately amazed with the amount of personal feedback I got from her - how fast and how thoughtfully she replied to comments. I hadn’t expected this level of feedback from a course at this price point.

A few weeks in the course, I took part in one of Linor’s free online student concerts. It was a great boost of morale in covid times. She spontaneously emailed me after this concert, to check in and see how I felt about my performance, which was really sweet and helpful.

I like how Linor manages to strike a balance between analysis and free expression. I have an analytical mind and I have been told before by other singing teachers: don’t overthink it. But that doesn’t work just on command. Instead, Linor in the course has a balanced approach – she gives exercises on how to not overthink while singing and how to later assign a place and time to analyse one’s singing.

Something about her attitude makes me want to practice. Whereas before, I liked singing but didn’t really enjoy practice, these days I can’t wait until the next lesson and I try to find time in my busy schedule.

Linor has the combination of a systematic approach and a lightness, a sense of play. Her vibe is that it’s about retaining the fun, about the physical enjoyment of singing. We want to preserve that joy, right? That’s unique in Linor’s approach, at least my previous teachers did not have that approach. Linor talks about the visceral pleasure of making sounds. It keeps the journey playful. And I need that.

I recently recorded a couple of new songs after doing Linor’s course for a few weeks. For the first time, I felt as if I was a lot more ‘in the song’ - involved in the emotional content. Also, in the past I would painstakingly delineate the melody in advance. Whereas this time, I started with a rough idea and as I was singing, some musical ideas just poured out of me. A great feeling. I’ve already made a lot of progress in my main goal, which is to be more relaxed while singing.

Orion Dyson-Smith  // amateur singer/songwriter // nurse anesthesist

Nadia about the course

'The course has saved me a year’s worth of voice lessons'

“I had been taking real life lessons with Linor when she launched the course. She was the first singing teacher I fully trusted. I felt totally comfortable singing in front of her. I’m timid in those situations.

The course was a revelation, even for me as a regular student. See, in lessons, you work on an issue that pops up while singing one particular song. But in the course, every vocal issue that could cause problems is covered and experimented with. And it turns out I have most of the issues, haha... Having this course makes me spot and solve so many more ‘sticks in the wheel’, as Linor calls them.

I remember one early moment of insight while viewing a course video. It was about ‘killing the moments of hesitation’. She teaches to trick yourself to not tense up before a note. I recorded myself several times and could actually hear the difference.

The course keeps amazing me. I still occasionally go back to it, more than eight months after signing up. Let’s say I’m practicing at home and feel something is off - maybe the sound is too airy, or the consonants cause me trouble. I will then go to the video that covers that topic and be reminded of the tricks that solve it.

What has changed for me since taking the course is that I can now make sure I’m a better singer each time I go to a real life singing lesson. Between lessons, I will use the course to focus on improving one technical aspect: to drill that in.

This way of working makes my lessons more effective, as we can skip the basic stuff and focus on interesting aspects of the song at hand, like phrasing.

So instead of taking lessons like crazy, I now pick my spot only when I’m ready, and make the most of them. The online course has saved me a year’s worth of voice lessons.

Last week I was jamming/auditioning with a jazz pianist. It was a lot of fun, it felt great. Only after the session I realized: I didn’t worry about how I sounded, I didn’t have doubts. I’m not saying I sounded amazing, but it felt amazing. That’s a huge difference from how I felt 1.5 years ago.

I’d recommend the course to pretty much any singer. Advanced singers can use it to keep in shape across the board. And beginners will notice a massive increase in the progress they make from real life lessons. They’ll go from knowing nothing to having an impressive foundation.”

  Nadia Tomova //  amateur singer and data analyst

7 things you should check before you buy an online singing course

  • The singing course should improve the results of real life singing lessons.
  • It should have at least one feedback moment, so the student is not left to his own devices. 
  • It should have a solid practice system explained: a clear structure motivates and propels you forward.
  • It has to involve lessons about the psychological aspect of singing: so vital for progress
  • It should methodically search for your main vocal issues, instead of being a list of voice exercises
  • The teacher should have a professional singing education and stage experience
  • The teacher should have had vocal and/or psychological issues in his or her own past.

You've struggled long enough.

Take your desire seriously. Let me make you feel what's possible for you, and how much fun singing becomes after it clicks. 

You have struggled long enough. I'll show you the way out of the labyrinth.

Includes personal feedback from me

 $447,- $347,-
plus VAT where applicable

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Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you feel like singing doesn't click after doing this full course, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Linor Oren, SingWell

What this course is - and isn't

Make singing click is a carefully crafted series of video lessons in which I guide and coach you.

  • It is a system that makes you reach a series of milestones. Also, it's an archive you can always go back to. Whenever you need inspiration, a reminder or reassurance.
  • Unlike some teachers do, I won't promise that you 'sing like a pro within 28 days', or nail auditions after this course. But I can promise you that much more is possible than you might think now.
  • This is NOT a course for you if you're looking for a few magic tricks. Sure, some of the work we do will lead to fast improvements. But some things will take longer to take root. This is fun work, but it's work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for beginners, or...?

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Do I have personal interaction with you?

Can I even sing? My voice isn't good (anymore)

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Alida about the course

'My confidence in my singing has improved a lot.'

"As a 69 year old mezzo soprano I found myself stuck and increasingly frustrated with my inability to sing "properly" when I got struck with poly myalgia rheumatica (PMR), an inflammatory/ autoi mmune condition affecting all body parts inclusive the vocal folds. (plus increasing age I suppose...)

I have been a singer from the time I was singing in the playpen and very much wanted to find out if I should stop singing in my good choir, or if I could improve my singing. Through Linor's marvelous website, loaded with sing-freebees- I found Linor's course Make singing click.

The course has helped me tremendously. It has given me great insight in what I can and can’t do, which is very important for us singers. Linor initially introduced me to using "the mirror" when singing... well, I hadn't looked in the mirror for about 30 years (honestly) and I didn’t like one bit what I saw....the same for "taping your singing". Those two reality check tricks are great, I don’t understand nobody ever told me about it before...

The course gives us in-depth knowledge about all the various aspects of "singing", from posture to closing the vocal folds. I never heard of "that one" and Linor picked it up immediately with my first reluctantly sent-in video on my ipad. Many of us "suffer" from that “challenge" I believe, without many of us having any idea about it.

Linor's teaching through the video's is great: she gives the instructions AND we are expected to put the work in, which I found substantial, partly due to my scarce ability to work the technology! But "you get used to that" and using "that" plus the taping and the mirror is great, It gives you true feedback, because what is on the tape is what your listeners hear! When I do my choir practise now I got my opp shop mirror and my phone, to look and listen (back).

The course plus the two individual online lessons have given me great insight in "my personal diagnoses" and what I can expect. My confidence in my singing has improved a lot. Unfortunately the PMR has changed little and I feel THAT really now is what holds me back.

I absolutely endorse the course, and Linor helps young people on their level and old ones, like me. I have never felt discriminated, for a better word, because of my age. I believe it cost you what they charge you for two hair-do's (and they don t last, what you learn from the course does last. "We are worth it”) Do it, go for it. AND only if you are going to put some work in.

Thanks Linor for all the work you put in organising this online course, that would be a lot of work, I can see that."

Alida van der Velde, mezzo soprano

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