Do you know what it’s like to be dumped and kicked out on the street by your ex? I hope you don’t. I want to still hate my ex and everything about that period in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t feel that way and that bugs me a bit. Because my ex once gave me a valuable piece of singing practice advice, which I still use.

(Let me reassure you: I’m in a good place in my life now: very happily married +1)

So what happened? I had already been taking private singing lessons for two years with a singing teacher. In this particular lesson the teacher taught me something about clearing an area around the larynx (voice box).

My teacher was surprised that I didn’t know this yet. ‘How come you can’t do that basic thing yet?’ I in turn was surprised, to say the least, that she hadn’t taught me this basic piece of information before. I was very frustrated and disappointed.

I was about to just drop singing lessons, drop out of singing.

My ex wasn’t fazed though and told me to take this in a basic manner:

You learned something new. Just practice it every day until you get it.

And that’s what I did for three weeks. I practiced that one thing every day for three weeks. Not very long: not for hours per day. Maybe 15 minutes.

But the drilling in of this fundamental piece of technique made me a completely different singer by the time I scheduled my next lesson.

Focus on one technical element

The lesson to take from this has less to do with my ex but more with the value of focusing on one technical element at a time. Drill that in your system before you move to the next element. It changed the whole system with which I work.

In my online course you will learn the finetuned way of applying this principle.

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