I’ve always relished in listening to opera diva Maria Callas (1923 – 1977). Enjoying her performances, I’ve never paid much attention to what she did from a technical point of view.

But this time I looked up a recording of her and watched through the eyes of a voice teacher. (I still had moments where I simply got goosebumps, though ?

The video is a fragment that I found on Youtube from a television recording broadcast from Rome in 1957. We see her performing the aria Casta Diva (‘Chaste Goddess’) from Bellini’s opera Norma.

A few things that struck me:

  • Callas’ relaxation is amazing. Her posture and air are of someone totally at ease where she stands.
  • Her air management is breathtaking. There is no air in her voice.
  • Her artistry and musicianship make one forget any criticism that could be thrown at her in terms of technique.
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