Leela Tinelli: my voice is bigger now

  • Circus artist, clown, 39
  • Period with Linor: 6 months 

I was forcing my voice and tiring it out, until I lost it completely.’

“Two years ago I lost my voice completely, I couldn’t even talk. That was a disaster, as for my living I am a circus artist and clown. Obviously I need my voice for that. So I had to change something, I had to learn to speak again.

Linor understands what stress does to my voice. It turned out I have a lot of stress in my body. She manages it in smart ways.

For example, she gives me a role playing exercise. I have to imagine I’m a diva, a lady who is totally at ease. I lose myself in that character and the stress disappears from my voice.

The lessons have made me find a new connection with my voice. I view my body as the instrument that makes my voice resonate. I no longer use my voice in the wrong way, where I push out the air. Instead, the sounds stay in. My voice is bigger now and my vocal chords aren’t so easily tired.

Linor loves to teach and is really in the moment with me. If she sees or feels that I’m singing with a bad posture, she uses a few words or gestures to adjust it. She’s a quick thinker, a smart teacher.

Singing has started to interest me a lot. It’s part of my life story! I imagine I keep learning, It won’t ever bore me to sing.

I can recommend Linor’s classes to anyone, not just to professional singers. The way you express yourself is so important!”

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