How does it work?

Do you want to find out what I think about your singing? I’ll record a reaction, just like I do with professional artists that I review, such as Freddie Mercury.

  1. Mail me a video or audio clip of you singing a song.
  2. I’ll record myself as I listen to your song for the first time.
  3. I’ll mail you the recording of my reaction.

Basic: Reaction audio

  • My reaction is an audio recording: my live reaction hearing your song for the first time.
  • I analyse your voice and performance. What are your strong and weak points? And I give you one bright spot: an aspect of your singing that you would most improve on if you’d work on it.
Order reaction audio €42,50- ex. VAT

Pro: Reaction video

  • I’ll respond recording myself on video. You get immediate insight in what touched me, where did I smile or frown a bit?
  • I pause the video to give you comments. I’ll also provide, during and after your fragment, extended analysis: pinpointing bright spots: things you can work on to improve your singing technically.
Order reaction video €75,- ex. VAT

VIP: Reaction video on Youtube

  • I’ll respond recording myself on video in a professional setting, with great lighting, audio and presentation.
  • You get bright spots to work on: the aspects of your singing that would get you to a new level fast.
  • If you want, I post my video on my channel. It’ll get your video a lot of views, since I have a lot of subscribers on my Youtube channel.
Order VIP reaction video € 145,- ex. VAT

Fun to watch

A reaction video gives you valuable insight: you hear or see my spontaneous reactions. It’s fun to watch: they reveal a lot about what I like and like less. Where do I smile, where am I surprised? Of course, I’ll pause your recording to comment on technical aspects of your singing, just like in a normal reaction video.

“A great gift”

“I ordered a reaction video for my wife, who is a hobby/amateur singer. I liked Linor’s reaction so much that I had to sit on my hands not showing it to her before the special occastion. She loved it. She really liked Linor’s critique and constructive suggestions. She has already tried to apply them and has recognised how better it feels / sounds in doing so.”

Ronnie Saras

Good to know

  • You can record the audio or video on your phone, but better is of course a recording with a proper mic or good (vlogging) camera. In general, a video gives me most information.
  • My comments for improvement will mostly be about technical aspects of your singing, but also about stage presence and general feeling.
  • Even though my background is in opera, I teach and comment on all styles: pop, rock, jazz, world music, you name it.
  • If you don’t want a first reaction, but a more thought-through response, that’s also possible.

Reaction video I did for a client (VIP)