Do you want to find out what I think about your singing?

I'll record a reaction, just like I do with professional artists that I review, such as Freddie Mercury and Maria Callas

How it works

1. Mail me a video or audio clip of you singing a song.
2. I'll record myself as I listen to your song for the first time. 
3. I'll mail you the recording of my reaction.

This gives you valuable insight: you hear or see my spontaneous reactions. It's fun to watch: they reveal a lot about what I like and like less. Where do I smile, where do I frown?

Of course, I'll pause your recording to comment on technical aspects of your singing, just like in a normal reaction video.

Basic: reaction audio

  • My reaction is an audio recording: my live reaction hearing your song for the first time. 
  • I analyse your voice and performance. What are your strong and weak points? And I give you one bright spot: an aspect of your singing that you would most improve on if you'd work on it.
  • Within 5 days you'll get your response.

Or mail me with a question

Pro: reaction video

  • I'll respond recording myself on video. You get immediate insight in what touched me, where did I smile or frown a bit?   
  • I pause the video to look in the camera and give you comments. I'll also provide, during and after your fragment, extended analysis: pinpointing 2 bright spots: two things you should work on to improve your singing from a technical point of view. 
  • Within 3 days you get a video with my reaction. 

Or mail me with a question

VIP: reaction video on Youtube

  • You can send two songs for analysis. I'll respond recording myself on video in a professional setting, with great lighting, audio and presentation.  
  • You get three bright spots to work on: the three aspects of your singing that would, in order of importance get you to a new level fast.
  • If you want, I post my response of my reaction to one of your  videos on Youtube. It'll get your video a lot of views, since I have a lot of subscribers on my Youtube channel.
  • Within 3 days, you'll get your response.

Or mail me with a question

PS: You can record the audio or video on your phone, but better is of course a recording with a proper mic or good (vlogging) camera. In general, a video gives me most information.

PS2: my comments for improvement will mostly be about technical aspects of your singing, and not so much video direction, choreography, dress, etcetera.

PS3: Even though my background is in opera, I teach and comment on all styles: pop, rock, jazz, world music, you name it.

PS4: I can also make reaction videos to an artist/song of your choice.