One singing lesson

A 1 hour private singing lesson is €50,- ex VAT. Lessons are in real life or online. Go here to pay (and book) for an online singing lesson.

  • Starting with vocal exercises. 2nd part of the lesson: a song you’d like to master
  • Discussing your singing goals
  • I’ll find your bright spot: the thing you can work on to get fast results
Schedule a singing lesson

“Many people worry about singing out of tune. ‘Can I even sing?’ they wonder. But I’ve never had a student who – after I fixed their technique (posture, muscle tension, etc.) – still sang out of tune. It’s mostly unlearning bad habits. The musicality will follow.”

Linor Oren, your vocal coach

Lesson packages

Beginners: you get a tailored plan for vocal improvement. A lasting foundation for vocal health and joy in singing.

Advanced singers: achieve a specific goal you have in mind, like preparation for a recording or audition. Make a permanent breakthrough to a new level.

Order 5 lesson package

Or order a 10 lesson package. After payment, you can right away schedule one ore more lessons.


“Before I started my classes with Linor, I wondered if I would be good enough to take singing lessons. 

Linor made me realize that I could make it happen. She said: ‘It will take some time, but I will make you find your voice.’

The classes with Linor give me so much energy. Every time I leave I feel like I’m floating on air, or after a great, refreshing swim!”

Angel Lebailly, electronic musician

Group lessons

  • Group of 7: € 22,50 per person for a 1.5 hour lesson*
  • Group of 3: € 35,- per person for a 1.5 hour lesson*
  • Duo: € 37,50 per person for a 1 hour lesson*

You don’t need to know each other in advance (although it’s an option). It just means that I can propose to put students of similar level and interests into a group.

* There are discounts for series of group lessons

Keep me posted about the next group lesson

Do you already have a group and want to book? Mail me or call me.

“I compare Linor to a good masseur I once had. This masseur did not immediately started kneading my back, but first asked me to stand up, measured me and then said that one leg was half a centimeter shorter. Likewise, Linor corrected my neck and head, which led to a completely different sound.”

Anouk Eigenraam, journalist