One singing lesson

1 hour private singing lesson: €60,-.

  • Starting from your level – no matter how high or low – with vocal exercises. Second part of the lesson: singing a song you’d like to master.
  • Discussing your goals, and what’s required to achieve those.
  • I’ll find your bright spot: the aspect of your technique you can improve fastest in a short time.

Lessons are in real life or online. Go here to pay (and book) for an online singing  lesson.

Every month, one new student gets his lesson for free, if they subscribe to my voice tips.

Schedule a singing lesson

“Many people worry about singing out of tune. ‘Can I even sing?’ they wonder. But I’ve never had a student who – after I fixed their technique (posture, muscle tension, etc.) – still sang out of tune. It’s mostly unlearning bad habits. The musicality will follow.”

Linor Oren, your vocal coach

Lesson packages

Beginners: with a package deal, I give you a personally tailored plan for body and vocal improvement. A lasting foundation for vocal health and joy in singing for the rest of your life.

Advanced singers: achieve a specific goal you have in mind, like preparation for a recording or audition. Make a permanent breakthrough to a new level in terms of vocal endurance or range. Get rid of bad vocal habits that you thought were intrinsic.

Order 5 lesson package

After ordering a package, you can immediately schedule one ore more lessons in my agenda.

Order 10 lesson package

“Before I started my classes with Linor, I wondered if I would be good enough to take singing lessons. Would my voice stand up to the test of being an instrument?

But from the first lesson, Linor made me realize that I could make it happen. She said: ‘It will take some time, but I will make you find your voice.

The classes with Linor give me so much energy. Every time I leave I feel like I’m floating on air, or after a great, refreshing swim!”

Angel Lebailly, electronic musician

Group lessons

I host group singing lessons as well. In a group, there is still plenty of room for individual attention from me. Also, you’ll get insights from observing me teaching your group members. Plus it’s a lot of fun to sing together ?

  • Group of 7: € 22,50 per person for a 1.5 hour lesson*
  • Group of 3: € 35,- per person for a 1.5 hour lesson*
  • Duo: € 37,50 per person for a 1 hour lesson*

PS You don’t need to know each other in advance (although it’s an option). It just means that I can propose to put students of similar level and interests into a single lesson.

* There are discounts for series of group lessons, similar to individual lessons

Keep me posted about the next group lesson

Do you already have a group and want to book? Mail me or call me.

“I compare Linor to a good masseur I once had. This masseur did not immediately started kneading my back, but first asked me to stand up, measured me and then said that one leg was half a centimeter shorter. Likewise, Linor corrected my neck and head, which led to a completely different sound.

Already in a few lessons I have progressed tremendously. I reach my notes effortlessly for the first time, without having to force it. I am starting to discover my voice.

Anouk Eigenraam, journalist