I teach in English, Spanish, German, Hebrew, and yes, even Dutch πŸ™‚ I love speaking and singing in many languages.

Trial lesson € 35,-

1 hour private lesson: €35 (VAT included, you save 40%). Almost all my new students start with a trial lesson.

  • Starting from your level - no matter how high or low - with vocal exercises. Second part of the lesson: singing a song you'd like to master
  • Discussing your goals, and what's required to achieve those
  • I'll find your 'bright spot': the aspect of your singing technique that will give you the greatest progress in the least amount of time.
Or call me at 0645051877, or mail me with a question

PS Every month, one student gets his trial lesson for free πŸ™‚

Single private lessons: € 60,-

In private lessons, you get the VIP-treatment: undivided attention to your voice and mental and physical challenges.

Package discounts

If you take a package of private lessons, you'll get a discount.

  • 5 lesson package: € 285,- (you save € 15,-)
  • 10 lesson package: € 560,- (you save €40,-)
  • Regular lessons (more than 10): € 54,- per lesson

Beginners: with a package deal, I give you a personally tailored plan for body and vocal improvement. A lasting foundation for vocal health and joy in singing for the rest of your life.

Advanced singers: Achieve a specific goal you have in mind, like preparation for a recording or audition. Make a permanent breakthrough to a new level in terms of vocal endurance or range. Get rid of bad vocal habits that you thought were intrinsic.

Angel Lebailly, electronic musician

"The classes with Linor give me so much energy, she is such an encouraging teacher. It may sound strange, but every time I leave I feel like I’m floating on air, or like after a great, refreshing swim!"

Group lessons: 2-7 singers

I host group singing lessons as well. In a group, there is still plenty of room for individual attention from me. Also, you'll get insights from observing me teaching your group members. Plus it's a lot of fun to sing together πŸ™‚

  • Group of 7: € 22,50 per person for a 1.5 hour lesson*
  • Group of 3: € 35,- per person for a 1.5 hour lesson*
  • Duo: € 37,50 per person for a 1 hour lesson*

PS You don't need to know each other in advance (although it's an option). It just means that I can propose to put students of similar level and interests into a single lesson. 

* There are discounts for series of group lessons

"Many people worry about singing out of tune. 'Can I even sing?' they wonder. But I’ve never had a student who - after I fixed their technique (posture, muscle tension, etc.) - still sang out of tune. It’s mostly unlearning bad habits. The musicality will follow." 

Linor, your vocal coach

Online lessons: €54,-

If it's difficult or impossible for you to come to my city, that shouldn't stop you from developing your voice. Read my article about the pros and cons of online lessons. Here is the payment link for regular online lessons.

Online trial lesson

You can also book a 1 hour ONLINE TRIAL LESSON (same price as a normal trial lesson: € 35,-).

New: my reaction video to your singing

If you want my unfiltered (first) and analytical (later) reaction to a recording you made, there are some options: I can make a video or audio reaction of me at the very time I listen to your recording. Check out the options: My reaction video to your singing

Gift cards

Have you checked my gift card options? If you want to treat a friend. Or... ask him or her to treat you πŸ™‚

Or call me at 0645051877, or mail me with a question