The Merry Poppins Choir will rock the stage...

An original musical script about a young woman who travels around the globe in pursuit of an opera career...
How far will she go? How low? 

Runaway Diva - The Jukebox Musical

A story of high aspirations, manipulations, emotional abuse, and a surprise victory. 

We'll share some laughs, some tears, and everything in between.

Do you want to buy more than one ticket? Be aware that they are downloaded out as one pdf, with a quantity printed on it. Do you want to hand tickets to different guests? Maybe buy them seperately for each visitor or group of visitors.

Sunday June 23 2024, 8PM



Main show: Sunday June 23th 2024, 8PM

Dress Rehearsal - kid friendly: Saturday June 22nd 2024, 4PM


Cultuur19 Theater: Burchtpoort 5, 3452 MD, Vleuterweide, Utrecht


We need to cover the costs of production, but we kept the prices (main show €12.50, Dress Rehearsal - €6.00) as low as affordable as possible for this great event. 

Some Poppins all dressed up 😉