This website is about SingWell, my freelance singing studio. Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) with number 69696004.

Data collection subscribers to email list

If you want to be on my e-mail list, I don’t collect more of your data than necessary: only name and e-mail address. If you subscribe to a trial lesson or to my free e-book, I use your e-mail address to send you regular tips and updates about my new products (e.g. a new choir, new lesson types, discounts). Occasionally, if you become a student, I use your e-mail address to contact you about lesson times and invoices.

I don’t give your e-mail address to a third party with or without commercial purpose without your explicit consent.

For my e-mail list I use ActiveCampaign. This is one of the leading platforms for mailing list management to store email addresses. It claims to have high safety standards. The ActiveCampaign account I use is created by my boyfriend, which explains why you might see tekstbureauradix.activehosted in the url bar if you click a link in one of my mails to my mailing list. His company is Tekstbureau Radix.

Data collection students 

The Dutch tax laws require me to specify the student's address on the invoices. I use this address only for purpose of these invoices. 

I send my invoices through the bookkeeping program

Statistics, security and ads

I don’t use SingWell for AdSense or any other advertisement program. No ads here, except for my own products 🙂

I don’t use tracking cookies (‘cookies’) from myself or from third parties. 

I use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to collect statistics about how often pages on my websites are viewed. These data are aggregated and hence anonymous: I can't see which individuals or individual ip addresses viewed my website.

This is a https website. Https is the protocol for data encryption for  websites: only the sender and recipient can read the content that is exchanged.

Online payments: Sendowl and Stripe

The payment provider I use for some of my services, such as choir contribution and lessons and lesson packages, is Stripe.

The course environment
The payment and login to the courses I sell is an integration of Stripe, SendOwl and a WordPress plugin called Thrive Apprentice.​