SingWell on Stage

4 Modules 10 Chapters 34 Lessons

About this course

A method to deal with stage fright and other issues around performing, with tailor-made advice to your current situation. Don’t just go on stage often and hope for the best: there’s a system to this.

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Course Structure

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The Golden rule 2 Lessons

Let’s dream

What would be your ideal performance, if you had no obstacles?

The Golden Rule

Preparing for a show is not improving vocal technique.

The Practical 4 Lessons

How far in advance to prepare for a show

Might there be a formula for this?

The best part of your practice

Sing through at the end of each practice session.

When and Where?

How ready should you be? What are good occasions, both for beginners and more advanced singers?

The Non-Stop Principle

You can get away with a lot of mistakes if you just keep going.

The Mindset 4 Lessons

What if you were in the audience

What do you expect of a performer? Think about that.

The truth about being expressive

How to convey a feeling and make it real.

Your mind vs. the world

The sound and the thoughts in your head are not reality.

Hypocrisy will be good here

Your practice mindset and your stage mindset are two entirely different things.

The Lifesaving mantras 2 Lessons

The Tale of the Two Monkeys

Tell you mantra monkey what you like to hear during a performance.

Empowerment and stage fright mantras

A mental habit needs to be trained, on stage. What mantra works best for you? 

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Not a death sentence 3 Lessons

What the hell is happening?

What is stage fright really and why do we suffer from it? What is the recipe to get over it?

Get over it?

Can one get over it? Over time? With practice? It's not enough to just practice. you need a mental change. And that change needs practice. On stage.

Switch and reprogram

Our goal is not to get rid of the nerves, but to know how to sing with them, and change our perspective on them.

The medicine 2 Lessons

Stage fright exercises

Four different sorts of exercises that you can use - and prepare for your practice performance.

Surprise Audio

Checkt out the link in the description: my audio for you.

The plan 3 Lessons

Determine your level of fear

We'll assess the stage you're in now in the process of getting over stage fright. 

The plan(s)

Depending on where you are in your stage fright journey, I have a different plan for you. Walk down the stage fright ladder by executing the plan on each step.

Advanced: apply the mindset

Understanding the mindset doesn't mean you can apply it when you are busy freaking out from stage fright. Only when you are more comfortable on stage - you can start adding principles such as the Non-Stop Principle and others.

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Plan the day 3 Lessons

The drinking and eating rules

What to put in your system on the day of the performance?

I like to move it

Bodywork, advice and routine(s)

Backstage Toolkit

What can you do just before you step on stage? Try out what works and decide on it in advance.

On the spot(light) 4 Lessons

Stepping on, stepping off

Sticking to these few guidelines will make your performance appear professional.

The creepy gaze

Where to look when you are on stage, and where NOT to look.

The spotlight nutshell

Don't judge, don't stop, use your mantras.

You are worth the documentary

How to document your stage practice. And how this can get you further than any coach could.

Bonus: On an off day 2 Lessons

Turn the day around

How to sing on an off day.

Deal with failure

Here I talk about what to do after things go wrong. How to learn and move on.

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The Simple Things

The fun part of the course starts right here :) These exercises accentuate the good things about your voice and your personality.



Try 'your confident self', or 'the silliness competition'.

Crazy scenarios

Thought the previous lesson scenarios were strange? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Bonus: Make the distraction a game

Challenge yourself to win them back.

Not Goodbye

Keep in touch.