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In this lesson I hope I will get this idea across, so that there is no doubt left: You NEED to maintain your body properly in order to sing well. And yoga is a fantastic way to do that.If you have a certain struggle with your voice, no matter what level you sing in, I will bet my money on it being a posture and/or a muscle tension issue.

So you have some kind of tension in your body. Maybe you are aware of it, maybe not. But it is burdening your respiratory system, and therefore your airflow. And singing is dependent on consistent, free airflow.I have chosen to show you how to use yoga to sing better, not just because yoga is the most popular bodywork in the world. But because it just so happens that yoga is working on all things necessary for good singing.

Yoga works on all things necessary for good singing

For good singing,  we need:

  • Body free of tension, especially in the upper part (chest and up)
  • Expanding ribs and deep movement of the diaphragm, allowing full breath
  • Good core and pelvic floor muscle work
  • Good posture
  • Proper vocal cord function

Yoga works on  the following:

  • Body free of tension, especially in the upper part (chest and up)
  • Expanding ribs and deep movement of the diaphragm, allowing full breath
  • Good core and pelvic floor muscle work
  • Good posture
  • Some poses work on strengthening the vocal cords.

But what happens if you don’t do yoga? 

Is it really a case of “it’s nice to have, but not a must”? 

You might tell yourself:

"I totally agree yoga is good for ya, but it’s luxury. Let me first get some voice lessons and become a good singer, then I’ll treat myself to yoga to become even better. It's not urgent right?"

Well, over 15 years now I have been studying voice, and I have learned what it’s like to sing without the benefits of yoga, and then what it’s like with them. 

You see, I used to live the illusion that I could miraculously overcome all my vocal issues, which were, of course, posture and muscle tension issues, without working on my body.

I thought I could just take some voice lessons, do vocal exercises, get some bodywork tips from my teacher and BOOM - I’ll be a good singer. That turned out not to be the case. 

Once I finally started working on my body, and Yoga was the first thing I did, I was struck by an overwhelming feeling of self deprecating shame: why did I wait years to do this, I could have made a much better and faster progress with my singing. 

I went on to study many different body awareness methods and how to use them to improve my voice, and seeing that I had a lot of vocal and physical issues starting out - there was a lot to learn.

Every single student benefited

I started teaching about 12 years ago and I have seen this on every single student . All of their vocal issues boil down to tension. And the way to effectively handle that - is to develop body awareness to those issues, and then have some exercise to alleviate them. Yoga gives you that - so take it! 

If you don’t take it, you won’t have awareness & you will not deal with your issues properly. You will be stuck and your learning process will be endless and excruciating .

No, I’m not exaggerating about this. You can doubt me at your own peril. Unless you have a perfect body with no tension and you are 100% happy with your singing - hear me out: You need to work on your body. 

Yoga, or any kind of healthy physical movement is imperative to any human being. I once interviewed a colleague who developed a method called vocal yoga, and asked her what happens if you don’t exercise (see argument no.7), or don’t move much. She gave me this look of: you don’t want to know...

On the flip side, if you DO yoga, you won’t only become a better singer with regular practice and after developing awareness. Here I will show you how you can sing better immediately with 7 different poses, and I’ll explain about each how and why it helps. The results - well - you’ll have to try and see.

So what I’m giving you in this course is a focused, easy to use guide, that you can do whenever you practice your singing, to get basically more voice. 

All I do as a teacher is directed towards more voice, more freedom, more abilities.

Yoga is both a quick fix and a long term practice for that.

In the next lesson I’ll tell how to use any pose - not only the ones i’m showing here - in your singing.

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What? How? Why? 2 Lessons

What happens if I don’t do it?

I'll give you a firm warning about the danger of being unaware of your body issues, or worse -  ignoring them and hoping you can still sing alright without them.

How to sing in any yoga pose you like

When you are comfortable with a pose and you feel good in it, you can start making sounds. First by replacing an exhale with a sound like an sss or ng. Then by singing half phrases, then full phrases.

The Poses 7 Lessons

Sun Salutations – the ultimate warmup

As the Sun salutation is a sequence, there is almost constant movement. Moving fluently, your muscles don’t get a chance to tense up. This helps removing the moments of hesitation that kill our vocal technique.

Cat and Cow – be smooth

Great for a  relaxed and correct shape of the spine. And for developing awareness of the airflow in your nose and pharynx.

Half Moon - almost

This pose will be very good if you have neck tension and/or shoulder tension.

Downward Dog - let it go to your head

This pose is a nice way to create lightness when our singing mechanism feels heavy.

Extended Child - a loud rest

The hip joint opening is helpful to getting a good deep breath. You’ll probably feel the air going deeper.

Pigeon - great high notes

The stretch of the hip joint and the alignment of the entire spine will create a line of air for you, open the breath, and allow for the range to expand.

Uthanasana - airflow uninterrupted

The Uthanasana, or the forward bend, was suggested by a student of mine who is a yoga teacher. We needed to work on freeing his neck.

Now What? 2 Lessons

Own the benefits

Don't just do a pose once and expect it to work forever. Even though occasional yoga will make you feel relieved - regular yoga will transform your body and singing.

Singing 'normally' without the poses

You have to admit - singing in yoga poses is completely different! And I also bet it's better. But after you sang in a yoga pose, you will want to know: how can it make me a better singer even if I'm not in a yoga pose?