SingWell with Yoga

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About this course

The seven yoga poses and sequences we present here are really good to actually sing in.  You’ll notice results immediately in terms of range, resonance, freedom. That’s because yoga works on all the things that are crucial for good singing. Breath, good core muscles, relaxed upper body, good posture.

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What? How? Why? 2 Lessons

What happens if I don’t do it?

I'll give you a firm warning about the danger of being unaware of your body issues, or worse -  ignoring them and hoping you can still sing alright without them.

How to sing in any yoga pose you like

When you are comfortable with a pose and you feel good in it, you can start making sounds. First by replacing an exhale with a sound like an sss or ng. Then by singing half phrases, then full phrases.

The Poses 7 Lessons

Sun Salutations – the ultimate warmup

As the Sun salutation is a sequence, there is almost constant movement. Moving fluently, your muscles don’t get a chance to tense up. This helps removing the moments of hesitation that kill our vocal technique.

Cat and Cow – be smooth

Great for a  relaxed and correct shape of the spine. And for developing awareness of the airflow in your nose and pharynx.

Half Moon - almost

This pose will be very good if you have neck tension and/or shoulder tension.

Downward Dog - let it go to your head

This pose is a nice way to create lightness when our singing mechanism feels heavy.

Extended Child - a loud rest

The hip joint opening is helpful to getting a good deep breath. You’ll probably feel the air going deeper.

Pigeon - great high notes

The stretch of the hip joint and the alignment of the entire spine will create a line of air for you, open the breath, and allow for the range to expand.

Uthanasana - airflow uninterrupted

The Uthanasana, or the forward bend, was suggested by a student of mine who is a yoga teacher. We needed to work on freeing his neck.

Now What? 2 Lessons

Own the benefits

Don't just do a pose once and expect it to work forever. Even though occasional yoga will make you feel relieved - regular yoga will transform your body and singing.

Singing 'normally' without the poses

You have to admit - singing in yoga poses is completely different! And I also bet it's better. But after you sang in a yoga pose, you will want to know: how can it make me a better singer even if I'm not in a yoga pose?