Team event 

Sing, Celebrate

Improve your voice & bond through singing

The Italians say: Si parla, si canta. You sing the way you speak. I'll show your team how to use your singing voice in a healthy way. After that we can enjoy singing together. Being an opera singer and voice teacher, of course I'll demonstrate a bit of my craft to kick off the event 🙂

This event has two parts.

Part 1: Vocal Warm-up

What are the vocal habits of professional singers?

In this part I will show your team:

  • How to use the singing voice in a healthy way, so that the instrument won’t fail you.
  • Two of my signature exercises, which will get you immediate results in terms of volume and vocal stamina 

Part 2: Sing, Celebrate

Singing together is a great way to conclude a team event.  

As a group, we'll sing two or three songs in harmony. It will really make you feel like a team.

About the event

  • 2 to 3 hours, depending on your schedule. 
  • In English or Dutch
  • Not everyone likes to be on stage. We will sing in a group, so also the introverts among your team members will feel fine.

About me

I'm Linor Oren. An Israeli-born opera singer by training. I have toured and performed. These days, I focus on choir conducting and teaching voice. Too many people hide their voices, think they're a 'little mouse'. Others have bad vocal habits that they don't know are relatively easy to solve. Getting these mental and physical blockages out of the way, I see my students not just sing better than they thought possible, but also blossom as a person.

They Say

Leena Tinelli

Circus artist

“Two years ago I lost my voice completely, I couldn’t even talk. A disaster, as for my living I am a circus artist and clown. Linor understands what stress does to my voice. It turned out I have a lot of stress in my body. She manages it in smart ways. Her lessons made me find a new connection with my voice. I no longer use my voice in the wrong way, where I push out the air. My voice is bigger now and my vocal cords aren’t so easily tired.”

Kim van den Heuvel

Amateur zanger en werkbegeleider bij ouder- en kindteams

"I love the singing lessons from Linor. They are my therapy and I always feel inspired and energized afterwards. Linor is a kind, funny, empathic, creative and very knowledgeable teacher. She involves the whole body and with simple techniques and tricks she makes you sound better in the blink of an eye. Linor’s teaching style is from a coaching and positive perspective; she has eye for your autonomy as a student, she travels with you on your singing journey and she shows you the way without being intrusive or controlling. Her feedback and attitude are very positive. This way of teaching is perfect for me. There is so much more to learn and I am happy that I found Linor."