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Great singing is nothing mysterious

People who are learning to play an instrument, such as the guitar, can get quite far by careful observation of their guitar heroes. 

But in the case of singers, this is more tricky. You can listen and watch closely to singers you admire. You can figure out the musicality of what they are doing well enough: the phrasing and the dynamics. But some things seem to be going on behind the scenes. There are things you can’t see, like the vocal cords, the inside of the throat… So you might be puzzled how they pull it off, and if you can even learn anything from observation.

But for singers, there is a way as well. You just have to know what to listen for and what to look for. There are visual cues. Such as jaw opening, posture.

But you have to know what to look for. Why do most good singers squint at some notes? Should I also squint? As I’ll teach you, indeed there is a way of singing which I call the ‘badass face’ and which does help you with more vocal control and a better sound. In fact, the badass face is necessary for high notes.

But just squinting won’t do the trick. Good singers combine it with other facial actions. Let's see what we can learn from singers such as Frank Sinatra and Christina Aguilera.

Once you know what to look for, you suddenly see patterns emerging. You'll see similarities between the singing technique of singers as superficially different as say Elvis Presley and Beyonce.

What do you get in this online course?

5 videos analysing 20 famous singers

My online course Learn from the Best is a series of 5 video lessons. They are all reaction videos of me listening to these titans and sometimes pausing the video, to break down how they pull off nine crucial elements that make a good singer.

You can ask question in the comment section, which I answer personally.

This course is NOT a full system teaching you how to sing. It's not a training program where we do exercises together.

Instead, after completing it, you will have learned the secrets of what good singing is made of. You can start experimenting right away. It’s a good kickstarter if you wonder: where do I even start? Well, here are nine things you can start experimenting with. Go!

Examples of singers I react to in the course

5 things the great singers do

The mouth of a singer

I react to:

Young Michael Jackson

Whitney Houston

Neil Patrick Harris

Ariane Grande

Jaw, lips, tongue = yummie sounds

The face of a singer

I react to:
Frank Sinatra
Mariah Carey
Christina Aguilera
Ed Sheeran

They all have the 'badass face' for a reason

The body of a singer

I react to:
Elvis Presley
Aretha Franklin

How relaxed they are!

The voice of a singer

I react to:
Stevie Wonder
Amy Winehouse
Justin Bieber

All about that 'twang'

The attitude of a singer

I react to:
Freddie Mercury
Celine Dion
Adam Lambert
Joe Calderone

See how they go all the way

You before

  • You think that singing is all about natural talent.
  • You admire singers but are puzzled how their singing is humanly possible.
  • 'I'm not gifted enough to move an audience with my singing.'

You after

  • You realize that there is blueprint for singing well.
  • You understand how they do it - and you admire them even more.
  • 'I'm inspired and experimenting, having fun with my voice. People pick up on it.'

"This course is like Netflix, I binged it!"

Nadia Tomova, singing student

Kickstart your singing journey

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