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5 reaction video lessons:
my online singing crash course

Learn from the best

  • Makes you understand what the best singers do consistently
  • Gives you clues about the most important aspects of vocal technique
  • Inspires you to become a great singer as well

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Great singing is no mystery

You CAN actually improve your singing by imitating great singers. There's one but. You have to know WHAT to imitate. I give you the pointers.

Once you know what to look for, you suddenly see patterns emerging. You'll see similarities between the singing technique of singers as superficially different as say Frank Sinatra and Christina Aguilera.

In this short course, I'll have a look - literally - at 20 different singers from past and present, to systematically break down how they pull it off.

A few singers I react to in the course

5 key insights you'll get about...

The Mouth

I react to:

Young Michael Jackson

Whitney Houston

Neil Patrick Harris

Ariane Grande

The Face

I react to:
Frank Sinatra
Mariah Carey
Christina Aguilera
Ed Sheeran

The Body

I react to:
Elvis Presley
Aretha Franklin

The Voice

I react to:
Stevie Wonder
Amy Winehouse
Justin Bieber

The Attitude

I react to: 
Freddie Mercury
Celine Dion
Adam Lambert
Joe Calderone

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Nadia, singing student

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