The Italians say: Si parla, si canta. You sing the way you speak. I show you and your team how to speak in a healthy way. After that we can enjoy singing together 🙂

Being an opera singer, of course I’ll demonstrate a bit of my craft to kick off the event 🙂

Part 1: Speak

What do professionals who speak a lot for work need to learn? Well, not getting hoarse during a long presentation or tense board meeting would be nice… But there is more.

In this event I will show your team:

  • How to use the speaking voice in a healthy way, so that the instrument won’t fail them.
  • How to use the voice in a way that has the desired effect, for example to convince, to soothe, to exude charisma. You’ll get a new vocal toolbox!

Showing a participant how to use the speaking voice

“I was pretty comfortable with my voice, so I was surprised that the event showed me how to improve. Linor will explain the voice theory, identify your weaknesses and give you easy exercises to overcome them.” – Erik Ros, IT developer

Part 2: Sing, celebrate

Singing together is a great way to conclude a team event.

First, I’ll show some basic techniques that might change the way you use your singing voice – for the better – and will give you more power and range. A few pointers that put you on the right track to more volume and natural timbre.

As a group, we’ll sing two or three songs in harmony. It will really make you feel a team.

Singing with the Heineken EE&GDF Team, 2018

About the event

  • 2 to 3 hours, depending on your schedule
  • A fun way to end your team day 🙂
  • Afterwards, participants can look up all the voice tips on a webpage that I set up exclusively for your company. A bookmark in their browser, instead of sheets that get lost.
  • Not everyone likes to be on stage. We will sing in a group, so also the introverts among your team members will feel fine.