Overcome stage fright workshop

If you sign up to the workshop ... you have already decided it's time to fix the problem. Great. Now it's only a matter of time before you get to enjoy your performances or public speaking.

Can you imagine being at the center and enjoying it? You will be able to. That's me under a pink wig, singing Rosalinde.

In the Overcome Stage Fright Workshop we will learn where the phenomenon comes from and how to change it. You will receive tools and exercises to deal with that moment before you go in front of a crowd.

The real problem

The real problem here is the consequence of avoiding public performances. Because you frustrate your own career opportunities and the opportunity to contribute something to other people. You have something to share, don't let some primitive and mostly irrational fear* get the best of you.

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Fátima Guinot Arjona

IT service delivery manager 

I hadn't anticipated that a single workshop would trigger such surprising effects in me. But Linor´s workshop did just that!

It gave me new realizations and an awareness of how I am facing the audience. Furthermore, it provided me with handy techniques and insights which opened a door in me to a new curiosity and the desire to venture further...

Can the severest case of stage fright be overcome?

I will tell you first hand about my own life. Whereas I currently have no problem singing in front of hundreds of people, there was a time when I didn't even sing if anyone was within earshot.

But also milder cases of stage fright are annoying. They prevent you from reaching your full potential in front of a group. Those are the moments that count in life: giving that presentation, talking at the wedding of that good friend. You don't want them to be spoiled by an accompanying feeling of fright. A little bit is ok. But if you can keep your levels of fright at a lower level, you and the audience will have better memories.

Also for public speakers

Some of my participants of previous workshops included:

  • A lawyer who was preparing an important speech at a congress.
  • An IT manager who wanted to feel prepared to give a speech at a wedding.
  • A young singer who was looking to overcome her fear of public opinion in general.
  • A therapist who works with groups of clients and sometimes gives presentations to colleagues

Meetup group

The previous workshop I gave, in March, I organized through Meetup: you can also join the Stage fright group on Meetup

What is in the workshop?

  • Learning more about the phenomenon of stage fright: examples of public speakers and performers, myself included, who struggled and dealt with it. How did they get over it? Which are good strategies and which are bad?
  • Exploring and gradually changing your thoughts about what it means to perform: making the cognitive switch that is so vital.
  • Mini performances in front of our group. We start out small with reading exercises and then gradually move up.
  • Voice technique, breathing and posture: how to feel secure that your voice won't fail you in times of heightened stress.

Hint: I have found that it is NOT about making all the fright symptoms go away, but about performing with them, letting them take you to surprising places.

 You will walk away with a new perspective, and an action plan.

Sarah Maisey (38)

I wanted to read a poem at a good friend’s wedding. This was a big deal for me, as I’ve struggled with stage fright for years. I decided to do Linor’s stage fright workshop and I’m so glad I did it. What struck me was that Linor comes from a place of understanding, I really felt that. What also struck me was the comradery of the group of such different people, it was great teamwork. 

A few days before the wedding, I got a call from Linor with advice and encouragement, which really helped. At the wedding, my knees were shaking, but the audience might not even have noticed. In any case, what counts is that I did it. That I read the poem and contributed to my friend’s wedding, which I wanted so dearly.

For everyone in a similar position, I would highly recommend Linor's workshop or stage fright course. For me, it was an important step on the way of my ambition to assist others to help themselves - and then others.

What you won't have to fear

The challenge in joining is an ironic one. For people with stage fright, a workshop about stage fright is no picknick. The very thing they want to learn they avoid! 

To be sure, it is no walk in the park. And sure, you will feel an elevated heartbeat when you enter my place and meet your fellow warriors.

But be reassured that you won't have to fear the following:

- No introduction round in the beginning :/
- No 'shock effect' treatment: only small steps that are manageable
- No judgment, no rush, no obligations

So to you, if your heart beat increases just reading this message and contemplating particpating... consider this: it's just your heartbeat. It's just thoughts in your head. And you will never entirely get rid of those.

But after the workshop you will have changed your attitude towards them. You will reinterpret them, reframe them to help your future performances, instead of hindering them.

Anna (26), therapist

When I was still in college, I could find ways to avoid it: standing in front of a group. But as soon as I started my job as a therapist, I realized that would no longer be an option. In our team of colleagues, we were supposed to take turns giving a presentation. Hearing this, my anxiety spiked and I knew: I have to get rid of my stage fright as soon as possible.

When I came to Linor’s stage fright workshop that first evening, my heart was racing. But I was determined to not back off. I thought: in the end, how bad can it be? It’s just one evening among people who experience similar things as I do.

What helped me was that the exercises started relatively easy and only gradually increased in difficulty.

Another thing that soothed me pretty fast was my realization that one comes across much less nervous than one actually feels. We established that in a little experiment. Everone experienced it.

The final exercise of the workshop evening was a short, quickly prepared presentation. Incredibly, I could do it. Something I would never have guessed at the beginning of the evening. That’s when it struck me: if I can make such progress in a short period of time - imagine what else is possible? That was such a liberating feeling.

After the workshop I also participated in the
course. ​
I want to create as many positive presentation experiences to counterbalance the old negative ones!

I feel the benefits. I lead therapy groups with a colleague, where I notice that I am much more relaxed these days. I can focus better and give more attention to my clients.

Questions? Mail me at linororen@gmail.com,
or call me: 06 45 051 877

Thanks for the very inspiring workshop last Thursday, Linor! I really had a fun time. It was great to be in a small group in a safe environment where we all learnt from each other. Your tips are very useful and I am sure to use them in coming public speaking occasions. Thanks again!

Rob Looij