Ursula: never again will a bad teacher mess me up

  • Amateur opera singer
  • Period with Linor: 2.5 years

‘Never again will I have a bad teacher mess me up. Linor has made singing great for me again.’

“The worst thing that happened in my singing life is that I stopped taking lessons for ten years after a bad experience with a previous teacher. That teacher was a great singer but she couldn’t teach at all. It messed me up, I studied three years in vain without learning any technique. It was basically just screaming what we did. And then to know that it was a time when I considered applying for conservatory… what a shame.

I’m so glad I found Linor, even though it’s many years later now, and I no longer have the ambition to become a professional opera singer. Learning voice is such a sensitive process, so delicate both physically and psychologically. You can’t have people damage you.

From the first lesson I noticed that Linor doesn’t overwork your voice, that she teaches in a way that makes the jaw stay loose. She teaches you how your body can support your voice.

My concept of sound was wrong when I started. I thought singing is streaming air somehow, outward. But it’s actually not like that. Singing doesn’t need to involve any tension. The fascinating thing is that you don’t work on your vocal chords. It’s a matter of where you send the sound in your head to make it resonate. You circulate it, so to speak. You have to let it loose, is what I learned. You need to experience that and practice that quite a while.

I sing for fun now. I consider classical singing one of the most amazing things and I want to master it. In the past 2.5 years Linor has taught me so much. And I think I want to continue with her for some 2 more years. Still much to learn.

Linor is good at detecting what you do wrong and suggesting images that help you overcome that. I tend to make too many unnecessary movements with my head and neck, for example. Linor will then say something like: imagine you are a robot. Or: imagine that someone has put anesthetics in your neck. Those images make my face relax. Singing is an action of both the mind and body and she knows how to influence both.

Singing is so much fun now. I recommend Linor’s classes to anyone who wants to find joy in singing. She has this motivating personality, you can see that she wants you to achieve things. I also recommend Linor’s classes, for example, to talented singers who want to prepare for opera school. She can teach you so much in a short time.

For advanced singers her lessons might be good too, if they want to try a different approach, a different style.”

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