Hanna Bratton, 28 – on my way to making my own album

‘Lessons with Linor improved my voice drastically in just a few months.’

“My friends and family have noticed that I’ve gotten better too…

Linor used images and analogies that were extremely helpful in achieving better singing methods. I can feel and hear such a difference in my voice and the way I use it.

I recently made a little demo of me singing the Amy Winehouse song I Heard Love Is Blind. I’m going to produce a 5 track EP of covers this fall … I figure that’s a good way to warm up to making my own album = ]

Showing me diagrams of the anatomy and giving me those tools to help me understand how to sing better has been INCREDIBLY helpful! Thank you sooooo much for that!

If I lived in Amsterdam, I would DEFINITELY still be her student because she has so much to offer to students of voice.”

Check out Hanna’s website I’m feelin Breezy.

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