Here is what a few of my (former) singing students have to say about my lessons:

Kersten van Dalen, choir member Birds on a mission

"Besides her sparkling and inspirational personality, Linor has great techniques to teach, which, without much effort, lift your singing to the next level.

Coloring and blending voices in a group comes natural to her. Her explanations of how your voice reacts to small things in your body give immediate results. 

Her own singing voice is a delight to hear, but most importantly, her enthusiasm makes singing so much more fun!"

Coco Junge, came as a beginning singer

Coco and Linor during a singing lesson

"I highly recommend Linor as a singing teacher; she's boundlessly devoted to and ambitious for her students. Through patience and individually tailored guidance she's introduced me to a whole new world of musical creativity, ability, and confidence."

Anouk Eigenraam - amateur singer

"In recent years I have had several singing teachers. As everyone has different styles of teaching, you learn something new with everyone. 

My previous vocal coach was very good, but Linor was the first one to start correcting my posture immediately before we got started. I compare her to a good masseur I once had. This masseur did not immediately started kneading my back, but first asked me to stand up, measured me and then said that one leg was half a centimeter shorter. Likewise, Linor corrected my neck and head, which led to a completely different sound.

Already in a few lessons I have progressed tremendously. I reach my notes effortlessly for the first time, without having to force it. I am starting to discover my voice. 

Linor is also a very warm, inspiring personality, who keeps looking for a different approach or exercise that might help if one does not catch on. 

I can really recommend her if you want to work on your voice! Thank you thus far for all the help!!"

Alice Graziadei - scholar and advanced singing enthusiast


"Linor is as amazing singing teacher. Her calmness, patience and great knowledge of the field make you feel both comfortable and exactly in the right place to learn. Plus, she always has a smile on her face. She's enthusiastic with every step you take further in your learning, no matter how big or small it is.

I realized I learned a lot in just a few lessons, which makes me want to keep on going: even though I don't live in Amsterdam anymore, I promised myself I'll book a lesson every single time I'll be back in town. It's more than just a singing lesson: at the end of every lesson I walked out feeling stronger and happier with myself. Best teacher you will find!"

Geraint John Jones - pop singer

Geraint John Jones

"Linor is a strong, kind and patient singing teacher. She can go left-field or traditional in her approach (depending on how you are feeling that day). She has many, many different things to get you going. I would massively recommend her."

Check out Geraint's music video Master of dress up.

Haim Tzabari - operatic tenor

"As an operatic tenor, I have been working with Linor for 2 years. She helped me to find the natural color of my voice, with an emphasis on vocal health.

I made a big progress with her and enjoyed her kindness as well. Above everything, she is a wonderful person. Don't think twice about taking lessons with her!"

Leela Tinelli, 39 - circus artist, clown

"Two years ago I lost my voice completely, I couldn't even talk. That was a disaster, as for my living I am a circus artist and clown. Obviously I need my voice for that. So I had to change something, I had to learn to speak again.

Linor understands what stress does to my voice. It turned out I have a lot of stress in my body. She manages it in smart ways. [...] Read more

Ursula, 37 - advanced amateur opera singer

"The worst thing that happened in my singing life is that I stopped taking lessons for ten years after a bad experience with a previous teacher. That teacher was a great singer but she couldn't teach at all. It messed me up, I studied three years in vain without learning any technique. It was basically just screaming what we did. And then to know that it was a time when I considered applying for conservatory... what a shame.

I'm so glad I found Linor [...] Read more

Angel Lebailly - electronic musician and freelance writer

"Before I started my classes with Linor, I wondered if I would be good enough to take singing lessons. Would my voice stand up to the test of being an instrument?

But from the first lesson, Linor made me realize that  [...] Read more

Hanna Bratton, 28 - rapper

"Linor used images and analogies that were extremely helpful in achieving better singing methods. I can feel and hear such a difference in my voice and the way I use it.

My friends and family have noticed that I've gotten better too! [...] Read more