Where in the East (Dutch: Oost) part of Amsterdam can one take private or group singing lessons? I looked around and have listed the locations, names and specialisms. And uhm, SingWell: that would be me 🙂

Name teacher Address Specialism
Ronald Dijkstra Weesperzijde 54D Choir conductor, piano
Vocal Center Atlantisplein 1* Many specialisms
SingWell Stephensonstraat 16P  Posture/tension, dealing with stage fright
Vocal Freedom Atlantisplein 1* CVT method
Zangles bij Anne Blasiusstraat 113 Musical
Popschool Amsterdam Middenweg 67C Instruments too
Barbara Schilstra Atlantisplein 1* Lyrical soprano, opera
Ontdek jouw stem Zeeburgerdijk 54 Lichtenberg method, theater-techniques
Fridolijn of The Vocal Company Indische Buurt Coaching for professional recordings
Jitske Kuiper

Evelien Meijer

Sumatrastraat 70

Oost ?


Estill Voice Training

*Atlantisplein 1 is QFactory. Both Vocal Center, Annemarie Hilbrands (Vocal Freedom) and Muziekschool Amsterdam rent space here.

Amatore is a website with listings (in Dutch) of teachers who teach all kinds of lessons: sing, dance, music theory, you name it. 

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Singing lessons in Watergraafsmeer

As far as I can tell, apart from me there is only one other vocal  coach/singing school in the Watergraafsmeer area: Popschool Amsterdam, at Middenweg.

Google maps lists two locations for singing classes in Watergraafsmeer

A nice perk of the neighborhood I live in: the Amsterdam branch of Bax Music is around the corner, on James Wattstraat.

Nice to hop by after a class: Bax Music. Besides keyboards and guitars, they sell mics as well.

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Open podium in Oost

A nice way to get some stage experience is Singing Sunday. It’s every second Sunday of the month in Jungle (Tweede van Swindenstraat). Organized by Annemarie Hilbrands, Carmen Gomes and Simona van Tiel. I sometimes perform there too. But you don’t need experience: it’s for all levels.


I tried to research what vocal teachers charge. But not every teacher lists prices at their website, which might be understandable. As far as I could tell, prices range between € 40 and € 62,50 per hour.

A singing teacher not listed?

I made this list based on Google and Google Maps. Have I overlooked teachers? Please let me know!

Singing lessons in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost

  • Saskia Paërl (Marz) is located at Volmerstraat in Diemen (not really Zuid-Oost, but close enough). She has a long history in classical music. In the 80’s she sang in the choir of the Concertgebouworkest, under famous conductor Bernard Haitink.
  • Sandra Drakes teaches at Yourmusiqskool, which has locations  in Almere and since 2016 in South-East, at Holendrechtplein 38 (Buurthuis Holendrecht). Sandra specializes in gospel.

Singing lessons in Amsterdam South

Amsterdam South (Zuid) is around the corner. Here are a few voice teachers close by.

  • Studio Toonvast, Tolstraat 182. Specialism: songwriting and mixed voices.
  • Vera de Bree in Ijsselbuurt. Recently recorded an EP. Her origin is jazz.
  • Babette Labeij Music Academy is a renowned singing studio in De Pijp. With renowned (former) Dutch students such as Jamai Loman en Caro Emerald.

Singing lessons in Amsterdam West

  • Hartog Eysman teaches at Conservatorium Arnhem and also at Jam Studios near Westerpark. He teaches many styles, but is especially into singer-songwriter and soul.
  • Your Voice is located in the Baarsjes. The voice studio employs many teachers and offers a wide range of packages and possibilities. Like group lessons, duo lessons and lessons for children.

Singing lessons in Amsterdam Center

  • Capucine Chiaudani: from personal experience I know how good she is as an opera singer and singing teacher.
  • Claudia Rolando offers all kinds of lessons: group lessons, duet lessons and lessons for children.
  • At Waterlooplein is Mik Kruiswijk. She has been a singing teacher since 1991. She is also an experienced actrice.
  • Nico Sevenhuysen is at Prinsengracht and bases his lessons on classical technique
  • At Rapenburg is Anthony van Dijk: an experienced teacher who also coaches lawyers and vicars using their speaking voice right.

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