That’s not going well, is it?

… was one of the thoughts going through my head as I sang my first verse during this performance in Berlin last spring.

But I know – I tell my students this all the time – that what you hear inside your head is not the same as what the audience hears.

I kept on singing of course… After all there wasn’t much else to do on stage… and tried to gently nudge my vocal cords in the right direction…

I left the stage with very mixed feelings.

How bad or mediocre had my performance been? Fortunately, it (and that of the other singers) had been recorded on video, which gave me the chance of review. See the video above.

Listening to yourself as a learning tool

Watching footage of yourself is a great learning tool but it’s not easy. I got used to it but it’s still not easy at the times when I know I could have performed better.

What to learn from all this? The fact that what we hear in our heads is quite different from what the audience hears, has big implications for how singers should practice – big mistakes follow from not realizing this and not knowing how to apply the technical advice that is related to this.

I help my students with this in my online singing course.

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