Group lessons

Group lessons are a great way to prepare for a show. You get used to singing in front of others and learn a lot from each other's work. I give each of you performance exercises that will boost up the delivery of your song immediately.

Here's what you can expect:  

  • A group will have three or four students
  • Duration: 1.5 hour, including body & vocal warm-up and private attention of about 20 minutes for each student.
  • If there is no minimum of three students, we'll postpone until the next lesson slot.
  • Price is €35 (exc.VAT) per lesson, per person. Slot is secured upon payment.

Go ahead and sign up in advance through one of the links above if you want to prepare for the concert with a supportive group!

Couldn't book your preferred lessons?

You can contact me to get on the waiting list and I'll let you know if a spots frees up!

When are the concerts?

Participation is free, but granted to my students and course takers only. The concerts will be held online (Zoom) on the dates: 

  • Sunday March 21st 2021, 9 pm Central European Time (CET) - Delacred Success!
  • Saturday April 3d 2021, 9 pm CET - Delacred Success!
  • Sunday April 18th 2021, 9 pm CET
  • Saturday May 1st 2021, 9 pm CET

The more chances you get on stage, the better progress you make! So go ahead and sign up for the concerts.

The final concert on May 1st will be open for the public: the first three are for the performing students among each other.