I want to say a few things about the warm-up. What’s important you understand about this warm up is: it’s not special.

There is nothing to this one in particular that is better or fits specifically in my course. If you have another favorite warm-up on YouTube – go ahead and work with that one. As long as it meets the principles below!

The three principles of a good warm-up

A good warm-up obeys these principles:

  • It has a bit of bodywork/breathing exercises to start with.
  • It is gradual. So it will start with a hum, a trill or a vocal consonant and go slowly to more open vowels and a larger range.
  • It is easy to follow.

If you don’t have a lot of time to practice…

If you have little time, my advice is to do the warm-up instead of the song! That’s how important a warm-up is.

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